Ask any kind of USC fan to list some of the good traditions around the USC football team and you will certainly inevitably acquire to the fact that they carry out not put names ~ above the earlier of their football jerseys. In fact, USC is now the only university — Notre Dame has broken the tradition and put names on jerseys, even if the school doesn’t do it as a issue of food — to have actually never placed a surname on the ago of the jersey. The story goes at USC the the name on the former is more important 보다 the surname on the back, however that could all adjust for USC through a brand-new NCAA rule permitting player latitude on social justice causes.

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Similar to a skilled athletes, NCAA athletes that all sporting activities now have actually the chance to placed a name or reason or commemoration ~ above the ago of their jersey. If there has been part complaining on social media (duh), the larger portion of society has no concern with the rule. Honestly, who cares if students want to placed a different name on the back of your jersey. Have they not earned that through their sweat and blood equity? Haven’t castle given sufficient to the schools and supporters of those colleges that they might shut up and also support their athletes together they make crucial stands? It really does boggle the mind that anyone has any issue with this.

But wherein this gets amazing for USC is if just one or 2 athletes decide to rest that tradition or feel, much like Kaepernick did, that acquisition a listed stand is sometimes the best means to accumulate change. What if those couple of athletes wanted to perform this, yet the rest of the team was against it? The PR top top that case would look horrible for USC if over there were any type of notion of make the efforts to stop that from happening, but with every that’s gone down in southerly California and USC the past couple of years, would anyone be shocked if that story come out? You can see the headlines currently if you shot hard enough. But it seems much more likely USC would back their play in ~ this point.

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But offered the reality that USC have never had actually a name on the earlier of the jersey, it’s going to reason waves — the good kind and also the poor — since it’s a rest in tradition, if it were to happen. This is miscellaneous that will be noteworthy when or if that happens. As of appropriate now, especially because the dominion literally just entered effect, there’s no means to recognize what will take place if an athlete at USC want a name on the earlier of your jersey. You’d favor to think the motto “Trojan Family” would still apply, however these are controversial times and also not everyone will certainly be onboard. Because that now, a many schools space going to be adjusting come this fact and will be releasing statements on this rule. We’ll view if USC is in the affirmative or the an unfavorable soon enough.