According come The brand-new York everyday News, the violent singer has actually started date an ex-girlfriend again, college of mar Washington student Erica Jackson.

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met in Virginia, where he’s from,” claimed a source. “They dated earlier in the day and also reconnected a few weeks ago when Chris remained in town. They’ve to be spending a most time together, but things only really cook up over the last two weeks."

For Jackson"s sake, us hope the warm took place between the sheets and not between Brown"s hands.

If chris Brown has currently moved on indigenous Rihanna, does the make the a worse human being? Or is that difficult at this point?

The insider included that Brown "was mad in love with" Rihanna, despite he plainly had a strange means of reflecting it.Meanwhile, a rep because that Brown denies a report the the singer and also and his new gal pal went on a day at a Sunset Blvd. Tattoo parlor over the weekend.

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“He did go to a tattoo parlor with someone indigenous the studio named Dean," stated the rep. "There to be a mrs there that was a friend of Dean. Over there is no fact to this in ~ all. Chris does not understand the mrs nor does he understand the surname of the woman.”

You"ll pardon us, cotton representative guy, if us fail to think anything from Brown"s next these days, right?

** Update: various other sources check that Brown entered the tattoo parlor with a female. Yet they case it to be Girlicious member Natalie Mejia. As always, obtaining to the fact in any Chris Brown story isn"t easy.

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