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This north Carolina base map highlights the location of the state capitol,Raleigh, andmajor cities throughout the state. Portions of north Carolina"s border states,Virginia,South Carolina,Georgia, andTennessee areincluded to present the relationship between North Carolina and also its neighbors. A tiny inset reflects North Carolina among theother 47 Continental united States.

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North Carolina basic map, Courtesy of
This key map of phibìc Carolina illustrates the number of feet or meter thestate rises over sea level. As you can see, around 1/2 of north Carolina resides at, or much less than 500 feet above,sea level. From sea level, in ~ the Atlantic Ocean, the soil rises come a high allude of 6,684 feet over sea levelin the west.

Mount Mitchellis the highest suggest in north Carolina and the highest point east that the Mississippi River. That rises come 6,684feet above sea level (396 feet higher than mount Washington inNew Hampshire) in the black color Mountains about 35 miles northeastof Asheville.

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North Carolina elevation map, Courtesy that

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