We"re always looking for methods to do Crossword Hobbyist better and can"t wait to hear what proposal you have actually :)

Where is mine puzzle?

All her puzzles are available from your "My Puzzles" page, which you can access using the navigating bar in ~ the top once you are logged in.

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Be certain to log in in making use of the very same email address you supplied when you produced your puzzle.

How carry out I print?

There is a "Make Printable" button on the peak left of her puzzle that will certainly let you sign up for a setup or purchase a single puzzle.

Once paid, that button will turn right into a "Preview + Publish" switch that will put your puzzle in a format that can be published or addressed online.

Once girlfriend publish her puzzle, you deserve to click the print symbol or use your browser’s print function.

It watch weird as soon as printed.

First make certain you’ve released your puzzle. See the "How carry out I print?" section above for an ext information.

99% of various other printing problems have to carry out with printer settings. Instead of trying come fiddle v printer settings, which can be time-consuming and also frustrating, there space a pair workarounds you can try.

You can shot printing native a different browser, since different browsers have different default print settings. Alternately, friend can shot saving together a PDF (next to the publish icon) and print that.

Why isn’t this free?

We invest in structure a variety of premium attributes that free sites are unable to offer: the capacity to immediately or manually add words to your puzzle, save-as-you-go puzzle editing, the capability to accessibility your puzzles from any computer, one uncluttered and also ad-free interface, the capacity for friends and colleagues to resolve your puzzles online, and also quick responsiveness to reported issues.

Crossword Hobbyist is the lowest-price organization we"ve uncovered that gives these features, and also is draft for human being who room not satisfied through what cost-free sites space able come provide.

We’re i m really sorry you thought Crossword Hobbyist was free, that must have actually been frustrating.

We’re constantly trying to provide a clear and also straightforward user experience, and we’re no trying come hide the price: ~ above the web page where you make your puzzle, the price is listed in the rundown in the peak left (before you log in), below the "Make Printable" button (after you log in), in the FAQ below the grid, and additionally in the tour.

Unfortunately, us have limited control over just how we show up in Google and on other sites, therefore if they present Crossword Hobbyist when someone searches because that a cost-free site we can’t perform anything around that.

First examine whether you used a various email resolve to create your account. Her login email is the email address where you got a welcome email from us.

Alternately, it’s feasible there to be a typo in her email when you created your account. If so, report one issue listed below and carry out the name and last four digits on the card you offered when girlfriend signed up. We’ll use this info to track under your account.

If you space a member of crossword Hobbyist and are still gift asked for payment, then you may have inadvertently created a second account.

Your payment account will have the email resolve where you received an e-mail confirming her subscription.

If you never received such an email, or room still can not to discover your payment account, report an issue below and administer the name and last four digits ~ above the map you used when friend signed up. We’ll use this details to track under your account.

For defense a human being can’t check out or reset her password, so check out the listed below information carefully.

If friend haven’t acquired the password reset email, examine your spam folder, be certain you’re checking the email account that the email was sent out to, and be conscious that some college email solution block emails from non-school email addresses.

Be certain if friend copy-paste the password not to acquire a space on the outside, or if you"re keying it keep in mind the it"s case-sensitive and that a lower-case L deserve to look favor the number 1, etc.

You have the right to cancel your subscription from your "My Account" page, which friend can accessibility using the navigation bar at the top once you space logged in.

Support representatives cannot cancel a subscription on your behalf.

When you hit the "Arrange" button, our algorithm will try to kinds all her words top top the grid, and also will move words roughly to try to fit the most words.

This will acquire all the indigenous on the grid around 90% the the time, depending upon the indigenous list. Because that the other 10%, girlfriend will get an alarm explaining the the words the did not fit were added to the scratchpad.

Big puzzles won’t always print top top one page — the clues and also grid space the smallest we could make them while keeping them readable for everyone.

That said, different browsers print in slightly various ways, so friend could try using "print preview" utilizing a different web browser (or try the PDF button) to see if friend like exactly how that look at better.

We usually respond to every reported concerns in about a day. If it’s been a couple of days and also you haven’t heard ago from us, it’s possible we sent an email that didn’t with you.

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Check her spam folder, and be mindful that some institution email solution block emails from non-school email addresses. Shot providing a various email resolve if you think our emails come you are being blocked.