The spark plugs and also spark plug wires pat a an essential role in your Tacoma"s engine performance. The spark plug wires transport the electrical existing necessary to the spark plugs, when the spark plugs use such current to ignite a spark and also begin the internal combustion process. Spark plugs can come to be dirty and clogged over time; and also spark plug wires deserve to fray and also simply execute weaker than normal. Monitor these actions to replace the spark plugs and wires in your Toyota Tacoma.

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Materials NeededSpark plug socketRatchet wrench10mm open up wrenchSpark plug boots greaseRatchet lengthy extension

Step 1 – Disconnect the battery

Before friend commence any work, it"s important to disconnect the battery come prevent any kind of electrical damages to her truck"s systems. Follow these steps:

Open the hood.Locate the battery.Use 10mm open wrench to undo the an unfavorable terminal very first (black cover).Use 10mm open wrench to undo the optimistic terminal critical (red cover).
Figure 1. Disconnect battery.

Step 2 – Disconnect wires

Once the battery is disconnected, friend may situate the spark plug wires and also gently unplug them native the spark plugs themselves. Make sure to change each spark plug finish one by one come avoid getting the cylinder firing order blended up. Follow these steps:

Locate every the spark plug wires.Firmly grab boot connector ~ above the spark plug end and also give the a strong tug.If the plug does no release, use the assist of pliers and also gently pull upward.Disconnect spark plugs native the opposite finish (distributor).
Figure 2. Spark plug wires.
Figure 3. Spark plug wire boots end.

Step 3 – remove spark plugs

With the spark plug wires out of the way, it"s time to use the appropriate tools and remove the spark plugs. Make sure to remove and install every spark plug one by one, in bespeak to protect against mixing up the cylinder firing order. Follow these steps:

Use the ratcheting wrench, spark plug socket and ratchet extension, and also position on the spark plug threaded section.Turn counterclockwise to remove spark plugs one by one.Turn clockwise come tighten the new spark plugs one through one to 15 ft/lbs, or till snug.Make sure to not use extreme force to damage spark plug or engine block threads.
Figure 4. Insert ratchet and also remove spark plugs.

Step 4 – pave up

Once the new spark plugs and also wires have been installed, simply reconnect her battery by connecting the confident red terminal an initial and black negative last. Make sure to begin the engine and also check for performance.

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Figure 5. Old vs. Brand-new spark plug.

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