James Quincey is a businessman and a CEO the The Coca-Cola Company. Freshly Coca-Cola shed $4 exchange rate after Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer superstar gesture in ~ a Euro 2020 press conference top top Monday. During the push conference ~ above 14th, June 2021 the Portuguese star walk not show up to it is in a pan of carbonated soft drinks, he gotten rid of two party of Coca-Cola preserved in front of him throughout the Euro 2020 press conference, and also said, “Água!” – the Portuguese word for water, instead he encouraged civilization to drink water. Through the end of the push Coca-Cola’s shares, which had actually opened at around $56.17, had actually fallen through 1.6%, to $55.22, its sector value to reduce by $4 billion, to $238 exchange rate from $242 billion.

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A Euro 2020 spokesperson said: “Players are readily available water, together Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, on arrival at our push conference.”. Many civilization reacted come the video which went famous on Twitter. One user wrote “Not the very first time he has actually a go at coke. Ns remember him jokingly speak he doesn’t like as soon as Cristiano Jr. Drinks it yet he won’t protect against him from doing so.” another said “It seems favor they didn’t pay him because that promotion, the company just use the advantage of the push to location their drink over there and also CR7 recognize them and there he remove it away of camera it sounds crazy.” While one more tweeted “People room talking an ext bout coke currently than in the last 7 days. Sure that this action is no agreed and also acted?.”

What is James Quincey network Worth?
James Quincey network Worth$35 Million come $40 Million USD


James Quincey whose full name is James Robert B. Quincey to be born on 8 January 1965 in London, England, the is 56 years old. James Quincey is a businessman and a CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, he joined The Coca-Cola agency in 1996, he served as a chief operation officer (COO), and currently, that is a CEO. From 2008 until 2012, he offered as a president of the Northwest Europe & Nordics business Unit and also In 2013, he ended up being president of Coca-Cola’s Europe Group and by Aug 2015, he served as a COO and also in 2016. He to be alsoelected as a Chairman that the board on 24 April 2019.

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Prior to getting right into Coca-Cola, he worked at Bain & Co and also many various other smaller consultancy. Talking about his education, he attended King Edward’s School, Birmingham, and graduated with a bachelor’s level in electronic engineering from the college of Liverpool.

The estimated Net worth of James Quincey is in between $35 Million come $40 Million USD.

(Image Source: Bevindustry, CNBC)