Holden’s fixation on the duck in the main Park lagoon to represent his are afraid of change. As soon as he worries about where the ducks go throughout the wintertime, that finds self unsettled by the idea that they have actually to transform their stays in order come survive. What he stops working to realize, though, is the they aren’t transforming their lives, because seeking out warmer settings is simply component of your migration pattern and, thus, no represent any type of kind of adjust for them. In fact, the the ducks constantly return to the lagoon in warmer weather have to actually lull Holden, since it argues that details things really execute stay the same also if readjust is one inherent component of life. Nevertheless, Holden is too focused on the idea that the ducks have to adapt in stimulate to continue to be alive, therefore he remains unable to check out the flaws in his thinking. In turn, the ducks end up being an embodiment the the tunnel-vision Holden gets once he starts to obsess around change and the future.

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The timeline below shows where the price The ducks in the Lagoon in main Park shows up in The Catcher in the Rye. The fancy dots and icons show which themes are connected with the appearance.

...that he doesn’t even have to emphasis on what he’s saying, so he thinks around the ducks that congregate in a lagoon in main Park, wondering where they go during the winter.(full context)

...to a place called the Edmont Hotel. Top top the way, he asks the driver wherein the ducks in the central Park lagoon go in the winter, however the driver thinks he is joking...(full context)
...Ernie’s, Holden strikes increase a conversation with his cab driver, Horwitz. Once he asks around the ducks in the central Park lagoon, Horwitz becomes angry at the stupidity that his question, shouting...

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(full context)
Holden go to central Park to inspect on the ducks in the lagoon. Top top his way, the drops the record he bought because that Phoebe and...(full context)