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Calculator Warranty

The minimal warranty set forth by U.S.A., Inc., ( U.S.A.) and also Canada Inc., ( Canada) with respect come Calculators purchase in the unified States and also Canada respectively.

This restricted warranty is only reliable upon presentation of proof of purchase (bill that sale) to a U.S.A. Or Canada Factory organization Center. Calculators, when yielded to friend in a brand-new condition in the original container, space warranted against defective materials or workmanship together follows: for a duration of one (1) year native the day of purchase, defective parts or Calculators returned to a U.S.A. Or Canada Factory service Center and also proved to it is in defective top top inspection, will be exchanged in ~ U.S.A. Or Canada single option, for new comparable rebuilt components or calculators (of the exact same or comparable model). Warranty because that replacement shall not extend the original warranty duration of the defective calculator.

When returning Calculators under this warranty, you have to pre-pay the shipping charges, if any, and also enclose a finish explanation that the problem. Calculators covered by this restricted warranty will certainly be repaired at U.S.A. Or Canada sole option, and returned to you without charge by any type of U.S.A. Or Canada Factory company Center. This warrantydoes not cover rechargeable battery that may be offered with the Calculator, as to which batteries over there shall it is in no warranty or replacement.

A listing that U.S.A. CONSUMER commodities INFORMATION CENTER and INFORMATION/SERVICE facility in Canada is contained with the Calculator. The U.S.A. CONSUMER commodities INFORMATION CENTER and CANADA INFORMATION/SERVICE CENTERwill express you come the nearest Factory company Center. Repairs not under warranty will certainly be in ~ such expense as U.S.A. Or Canada might from time come time generally establish.

This minimal warranty covers all defects encountered in common use the the calculators, and also does not apply to the adhering to cases:

Loss or damages to the Calculators as result of abuse, mishandling, alteration, accident, electrical current fluctuations, failure to follow operating instructions, maintenance and also environmental instructions prescribed in U.S.A."s or Canada"s hand-operated or company performed by various other than U.S.A. Or Canada Factory company Center.Use of components (other 보다 those spread by U.S.A. Or Canada) which damages the Calculator or reason abnormally frequent organization calls or business problems.If any type of Calculator has had actually its serial number or dating altered or removed.Loss or damages to the Calculator due to leaking battery (other 보다 rechargeable batteries gives as original devices with the Calculator by U.S.A. Or Canada) or water damage.

NO IMPLIED vouch (OR CONDITION)* INCLUDING any kind of IMPLIED guarantee (OR CONDITION)* of MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS for A particular PURPOSE, uses TO THE CALCULATORS ~ THE APPLICABLE period OF to express WARRANTY stated ABOVE. And NO other EXPRESS guarantee OR GUARANTY, other than AS stated ABOVE, provided BY any OTHER PERSON, certain OR CORPORATION with RESPECT to THE CALCULATORS SHALL tie U.S.A. OR CANADA. (SOME claims OR PROVINCES do NOT allow LIMITATIONS ON exactly how LONG an IMPLIED vouch LASTS, therefore THE over LIMITATION might NOT use TO YOU) no U.S.A. OR CANADA SHALL be LIABLE because that LOSS of REVENUE OR PROFITS, failure TO establish SAVINGS OR various other BENEFITS, OR FOR any OTHER SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR consequential DAMAGES reason BY THE USE, MISUSE, OR i can not qualify TO usage THE CALCULATOR, regardless OF THE LEGAL concept ON which THE insurance claim IS BASED, and EVEN IF U.S.A. OR CANADA has actually BEEN recommend OF THE possibility OF such DAMAGES. No one SHALL recovery OF any type of KIND versus U.S.A. OR CANADA BE higher IN AMOUNT 보다 THE purchase PRICE the THE CALCULATOR offered BY U.S.A. OR CANADA and CAUSING THE ALLEGED DAMAGE. Without LIMITING THE FOREGOING, friend ASSUME every RISK and LIABILITY because that LOSS. Damages OR INJURY to YOU and also YOUR PROPERTY and TO OTHERS and THEIR PROPERTY emerging OUT the USE, MISUSE, OR inability TO usage THE CALCULATOR marketed BY U.S.A. OR CANADA NOT reason DIRECTLY through THE NEGLIGENCE the U.S.A. OR CANADA . (SOME says OR PROVINCES execute NOT allow THE exemption OR LIMITATION that INCIDENTAL OR for this reason DAMAGES, for this reason THE above LIMITATION OR exclusion MAY NOT apply TO YOU) THIS restricted WARRANTY chandelier NOT prolong TO ANYONE various other THAN THE initial PURCHASER OF any kind of CALCULATOR OR THE human being FOR who IT was PURCHASED as A GIFT and STATES your EXCLUSIVE REMEDY.

This warranty offers you details legal rights, and also you may likewise have various other rights. Which vary from state to state or province to province. U.S.A., Inc.One Park, Melville, NY 11747 Canada 6390 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1P7 *Canada customer Information/Service Centers in the joined States

For all general inquiries, operational assistance, accessory assignment or because that the ar of the nearest company facility because that this product, please contact U.S.A., in ~ at 1-800-828-4040. Please store a copy the your initial bill the sale. In order to acquire warranty service, girlfriend will need to carry out a copy of your original bill of sale from your consumer calculator retailer at the time of service. Also, please store all packing materials and the initial packing box to defend your equipment, should you must transport it because that service.

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Should company be necessary, please contact for information concerning the nearest Authorized organization Facility.