Netflix’s fatality Note will Make You want To compose Your own Name In The Book

Sep 15, 2017by Drewin film


The Netflix original Death Note film is currently forever real and also forever bad. Surprised? Of course not. Going with multiple directors, consisting of Shane Black and Gus van Sant, and also a plethora of manuscript changes, the task seemed doomed from the very start. Allow me take it you ~ above a trip of missed opportunities and also a failed knowledge of every little thing that make the original work so memorable. I present to you, scene by scene, Death Note. This is additionally an annoying location that ns now have to identify with a year and a “but the source material is better” phrasing.

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The film opens up with a skies shot the Seattle, finish with the room Needle. This is complied with by shots within a institution hallway through students, police arresting people, a train yard, and also the very first of far as well many Dutch angles camera shots. Cheerleaders exercise on the field. Football players throw a ball. It’s a fucking high school, we obtained it. Among the cheerleaders, Mia Sutton, isn’t yes, really participating. When she’s lifted, she blows a strand that hair in disgust and also boredom. She is then smoking a tobacco while cheering. She really doesn’t give a fuck. Irradiate Turner, the film’s protagonist ns think, is act homework nearby. He has bleached hair and also is cool. One more student comes approximately him, bring away the homework, and pays that money discreetly. Light is help students CHEAT. What an ANTIHERO! Mia leans ~ above the fence and gives the a flirty smile. Light looks confused, which will not be the first time his confront contorts in baffling means throughout this shitshow. The location of the film then comes throughout the display screen in a weird, edgy fashion, contrasting with everything we’ve just seen.


Here we room at the start of death Note. This is happening.

It’s been two minutes now. Within two measly minutes, the authors of this train wreck, which is three goddamn people by the way, have actually sufficiently demonstrated the they have no clue what they’re doing, have no expertise of the manga or anime which the movie is based on, and plainly don’t provide a solitary shit. We space two minutes in. No one has even talked yet. No one has actually uttered a word and it’s already a 1 the end of 10. Moment later, a big, cool, scary storm move in! Ahhh watch out for that SpOoOoOoOkY rain! Mia just walks away because she has no fucks to give. Irradiate bolts around a edge just with time to watch a bully press a fuckin’ LOSER NERD v GLASSES the end of a door. This is the an initial dialog us hear in the film. It consists of “little bitch” and “whoopsie-daisy”, through the bully throwing far the bad nerd’s backpack and stealing his money. Mia climate pushes the bully, whose surname is Kenny, and calls the a stupid fuck.

“What did you just speak to me?”

“I called you a stupid fuck, fuck!”

Yes, those room first clearly heard present of the film. I wish i was kidding, but it just gets worse native here. Kenny pushes Mia to present he’s a strong male and won’t take any shit and also Light decides now is a an excellent time to yell at full volume, “HEY DON’T TOUCH HER!” and also throw his arms out favor he’s shielding her from violence. See, he’s the hero here. Defending the downtrodden or whatever. He makes fun the Kenny for being held back in school, something about child abuse, and also then the mercifully it s okay punched in the face. He concerns as an adult, that isn’t at every worried around a college student passed out in the rain in ~ school, choose up the homework he’s been doing for various other students and gives that a “you fucked now” look. Great, good. Perfect writing.


Light and also Mia was standing in the rain and are supervisor cool and also broody.

The principal, ns guess, berates Light because that cheating and shit. Light marvels why nobody is concerned as to why he was discovered sprawled out on the ground. The plot doesn’t care. “All I’m trying to say is, you have actually the possibility to avoid the type of people who do things hard for everybody. Friend gotta watch the huge picture here,” states Light. Yikes, on the nose. The principal exposition dumps around Light’s mother passing. It’s contrived and also out that place. He then doesn’t provide a fuck and hands him two weeks that detention. The camera tough pans to the right and everyone watching is confused.

Light puts some books away. The bell rings and here comes Mia Sutton, being every cool and shit with her cool friends. Irradiate tries come flag she down, but Johnny football comes and also puts his arm about her, a character we never ever see again and doesn’t matter at all. That’s the end of that scene.

A door with the word “Detention” written on the is zoomed in on. Good, happy to know where we are. Light is asleep at a workdesk with one apple because that no reason. There’s another Dutch angle. The teacher speak him no to sleep and also that she’s leaving because that a bit, which is a point a teacher would certainly do. Nobody else in the entire school has detention i guess since Light is alone. The needlessly shoves his school publications off the desk and pulls out the death Note. He reads the very first two rules. Dominance 1: The person whose name is composed in this keep in mind shall die. Preeminence 2: The keep in mind will no take effect unless the writer has actually the person’s face in your mind once writing his or her name. That flips though some pages. You have the right to see the rule about people dying from heart assaults if a fatality is not specified, but that never happens in the film, so i don’t recognize why it’s there. However, mental this rule.

He transforms to empty pages and THE LIGHTS start TO FLICKER. Suddenly, glass shatters and…marbles roll out? Fuckin’ what? Is this a terrible joke around losing your marbles? Don’t know, yet it certain as hell isn’t great or clever. Irradiate goes come the ago of the classroom where there are lots of things in glass jars. Indigenous the shadows, an ominous creature with vast spikes jutting the end in all directions emerges. The looks at Light. Nat Wolfe, the actor playing Light, thought it would be good to perform this next:

Director Adam Wingard approved this, so he is as much to blame. What is this scene? light in the original series is calm, cool, and collected. This mess, in ~ a small under eight minute in, fully undoes whatever that irradiate is, together though that wasn’t currently done in the previous opened moments. I recognize that seeing something like would make anyone inquiry a lot that things, however that reaction is downright comedic.

Ryuk, the God that death and instigator that Light’s scream, eats the to apologize on the desk due to the fact that he did that in the Japanese version. That looks…not great. It’s CGI, because that no reason, and he’s surprise behind shit, so it’s difficult to phone call really. Willem Dafoe has a an excellent voice for it, but he’s undercut in ~ every turn. The coaxes Light right into writing the surname of Kenny, the bully, into the notebook, adhered to by a cause of death. Kenny is outside literally beating increase a girl so, ns mean, fuck that guy. Seven much more Dutch angle shots occur showing a string of events ending with a truck ladder flying off and also decapitating Kenny in very bloody fashion. The feels favor it’s the end of Final Destination, no Death Note. Ryuk clicks a pen at some allude in this step and…and just, why is this happening.

Compare all that shit come this:

Light identified how to use the keep in mind on his own. As soon as he knew that its power, the dove in, killing those he understood evil. He want to it is in a God, he want to escape the world of its rotten parts. The film’s light hesitates to even kill Kenny, a complete cunt who hits two FUCKING women in a span of 5 minutes. His personality is fully broken. The lights all come back on one Ryuk is gone. Whatever.

We walk to Light’s house. He’s eat dinner through his dad as a train cd driver by. The takes…a an extremely long time come pass. Everything shakes a lot. This is never touched top top again. Over there is one more Dutch angle. Lock talk about the murdered Kenny, the mommy being dead since she was operation over by part Mob guy who gained away scot-free, and other father/son bullshit that’s just not fleshed out at all. The dad is additionally a cop. Light it s okay mad and also leaves, grabbing one apple prior to going upstairs. Over there is a weird close increase of Cop Dad cut a item of meat.

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Light reads an ext rules indigenous the fatality Note, none of i beg your pardon matter. He find a scribbled memo that claims “Don’t trust Ryuk. The is not your pet. The is not your friend.” This additionally doesn’t matter, but part of it will certainly be contradicted later. Another train passes and also his closet door opens up slowly. It’s the an initial moment of really tension and also creepy horror, but don’t worry, castle fuck it up immediately. Irradiate puts the apple in prior of the door. Go he even like apples? ns don’t acquire this. Ryuk bring away the apple and also eats some of it. It’s dumb. Light makes a horribly unreasonable face, i m sorry is par because that the course.