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Old school-Sevin dust for fleas on dog (labs, biting, treatment)
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Does anyone the end there use this? Carbaryl? I offered it going ago to the seventies on my dog without incident, but, it seems to be out of favor v a the majority of warnings. I in reality feel choose it has less problems than few of the newer ones, but, would prefer to listen what you that can use it or have experience through it, think?

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It has actually a many warnings for a lot of an excellent reasons. It is a powerful poison. Watch it increase in Wikipedia, there"s a tiny there top top it. Or, better, here: Carbaryl General fact Sheet poisonous to every insects, not simply fleas and also ticks - so, bad for honeybees and earthworms. If you use it in her yard you will kill the earthworms. Ns wouldn"t use it on a dog other than as a one-time emergency treatment. If for some odd factor I had an emergency require - thing is, ns can"t also imagine what that could be. Noþeles I can think of has actually a better answer. As a pesticide it has advantages over some other stuff - like DDT. But I haven"t found any type of need to use it in decades. We use much more earth-friendly methods in our gardens.BTW, ns have also found myself searching for something better than what is top top the market. There are difficulties with every one of them. The collar chemistry all have side effects. The powders and also sprays all have dangers. The all-natural cedar/lemongrass/pennyroyal/what-have-you oils and treatments don"t occupational worth a bland as far as I deserve to tell, although there will certainly be human being responding who love them. Additionally, those organic oils have risks of your own. At this time I am using the once-a-month pill (contains afoxolaner), which work much better than advertised, because that the dogs, and also the 8-month collar top top the cat (flumethrin/imidacloprid) as the finest balance of risk vs benefit. Periodically I briefly supplement through a permethrin dog spray. I commonly use the permethrin dog spray on my outdoor trousers to stop ticks gaining on me.