Soccer shoes and also baseball cleats look very much alike, but can you wear your baseball cleats for soccer? and also what room the differences between them?

Official rule for soccer shoes

In the rulebook “Laws of the game 2018/2019” that the IFAB (The international Football combination Board) there’s no cite or regulation around the type of footwear you have the right to or can not wear. But there space some general regulations around the player’s tools including the shoes.

“A player must not use devices or undertake anything that is dangerous.”

Before the start of the video game the referee inspects the beginning 11 players. And also all substitutes room checked before they get in the field. The referees look because that unauthorised/dangerous tools or jewellery, and also check the shin guards and shoes. The truth that you can not wear any type of equipment to injury other people, is an obvious statement.

Equipment should not have any type of political, spiritual or an individual slogans, statements or images.

On June very first 2014, a few weeks prior to the start of the people Cup in Brazil, the IFAB tightened the rule regarding the statements and also images on clothing and equipment. Due to the fact that then it’s no longer enabled to show personal slogans.

The bottom of the cleats

For the most part both total are an extremely much the very same at the bottom: 2 or 4 studs in ~ the heel and four or much more at the top. Of course it all depends on the type of field you space playing on and the shoe brand.

The main distinction is the prior of the shoe. Due to the fact that baseball players need an explosive start, they put a the majority of pressure top top the former of the shoe. An extra stud ~ above the former of the shoe helps castle prevent shedding grip and gain extra traction top top the field.

adidas adizero vs. Adidas Mundial

In soccer but this stud can be dangerous in part situations. There’s a many of contact as football player tackle to acquire possession the the ball. This stud could possibly cause a severe injury, therefor many referees will not permit baseball pair of shoes on the field.

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Football players often tend to usage their soles a lot when controlling, holding or even passing the ball. The prior stud would certainly make the player lose his feeling with the ball.

Handling the ball

Another large difference is the surface of the shoes.

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Soccer shoes often tend to have a smoother surface for a clean contact when poignant the ball. A player has actually to be able to hit the sphere on the perfect spot, any type of rough edge can prevent the from happening.


Although the rules carry out not state you can not wear baseball cleats because that a soccer game, most referees will certainly not allow you come play through them.