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Posted ~ above 2 may 202022 July 2020

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Medically the evaluation by Dr Pedram Kordrostami, MBBS, BSc - written by Kathy Caldwell post on 2 may 202022 July 2020

Need other to help you bounce earlier after drinking?*


Pepto Bismol for hangover nausea

Nausea and also vomiting is arguably among the worst symptom of a hangover. There room a couple of different causes and also you have the right to read more about it in our write-up abouthangover nausea. In an easy terms, alcohol irritates the stomach lining, slows down the gut and inflames gastric cell to name a few.

Pepto Bismol can assist line the stomach and reduce inflammation. However, the taste it has actually may no suit anyone so the something to be conscious of. A natural alternative forhangover nausea is ginger.

Pepto Bismol for hangover heartburn

Similarly, Pepto Bismol is an alternative to treathangover heartburn.

The just thing to be conscious of is that among the active ingredients in Pepto Bismol (subsalicylate) is recognized to reduce the stomach’s rubber lining. Together a result, this can have the opposite result by exposing your stomach lining to acid.

Pepto Bismol because that hangover diarrhea

Hangover diarrhea, likewise known as alco-poops is a difficulty for numerous of us. Having actually an upset stomach after drinking alcohol with loosened stools is a popular phenomenon.

Once again, over there are many different potential causes. But generally speaking, it’s thought to be from inflammation caused by alcohol and its by-products. In addition, alcohol disrupts the motility of her gut which can additionally have one impact.(2)

Pepto Bismol is claimed to help when diarrhea is brought about by poor bacteria. So it’s i can not qualify to be of much advantage for hangover-associated diarrhea. The said, you can have eaten something dodgy the night before so if you’re unsure, it’s constantly best to speak to your medical professional for advice.(3)

Does Pepto Bismol protect against hangovers?

Pepto Bismol will absolutely not stop hangovers. Hangovers are led to by drink too lot alcohol and also Pepto Bismol will not avoid a hangover native happening.

Does Pepto Bismol communicate with alcohol?

There space no certain interactions the Pepto Bismol with alcohol.(4)(5)

That way if you’ve had actually a couple of drinks and also now have a little of indigestion, that OK to take it Pepto Bismol after drinking alcohol.

With that said, it’s best avoided if binge drinking or in chronic alcohol use as the could cause problems.

Anything else to consider?

Hangovers room a authorize from her body the you’ve been drinking too lot alcohol for your liver to handle. Trying come treat or avoid symptoms that a hangover v Pepto Bismol is the dorn approach.

When it involves hangovers, avoidance is key. Reducing your alcohol intake, drinking at a slower pace and eating prior to going the end is every it bring away to protect against hangovers.

Pepto Bismol is only great for short term relief the symptoms. If you’re finding you’re acquisition Pepto Bismol regularly and symptoms don’t enhance after the first couple of doses, you should speak to her doctor.

The factor is, every the symptom mentioned over would likewise fit with numerous other medical conditions. It is why it’s always best to get expert advice before self-treating any type of symptom.

Pepto Bismol, alcohol and hangovers – last words

That brings united state to the finish of our look right into taking Pepto Bismol after drink alcohol and also its uses for hangovers.

In summary, taking Pepto Bismol will:– aid with nausea / heartburn / indigestion– that does not interact with alcohol– will not avoid or “cure” a hangover

Generally speaking, Pepto Bismol have the right to be useful for the short term relief that nausea and also indigestion. That way if her symptoms persist, you need to get advice from a pharmacist or doctor.

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