Longtime readers may have noted that in an effort to make this blog more… well, professional, I have actually cut ago on the quantity of online ink ns devote to fact television. Yes, ns know. I was assaulted by a bout that seriousness. I’m certain I fooled everyone.

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But there are times when males are shame by momentous events that leave us powerless come the whims that fate, and also swift, forceful activity is required as a result. Such an epochal event is occurring this evening. And that is the premiere of The Bachelor.

NOT JUST any BACHELOR. Girlfriend see, this year’s Bach is Jason, possibly the most achingly earnest Bachelor in the history of Bachelors. Not just did Jason so wholeheartedly think in the premise of detect true love on the Bachelorette that even host chris Harrison had actually to have actually been confused, that is likewise proud father of young Ty, and thus the very first single dad Bach.

So numerous questions. Will certainly Ty provide out the roses to the bachelorettes? will Chris Harrison sit down with Ty for significant interviews? will certainly the bachelorettes try to bribe Ty with cool toys? Will human being feel guilty because that deriving so much guilty entertainment in ~ the price of Ty’s life time of therapy bills?

It will certainly be…. Something.


Call me crazy, but I have actually been obtaining stuck on sentence that begin with the word “that.” Not just as in, “That to be cool,” I mean actual complicated sentences. Together in:

That ns am asking you this question must tell you that I develop strange aversions from from come time.


That he had actually the smelliest breath in the general vicinity was not in doubt.

Is this a conversational trope I simply haven’t heard? Is this some kind of southern hemisphere thing? room the kids start their sentences with words “That” and I’m just hopelessly uncool? have the right to it be excellent well?

Please offer me a ruling.


Wendalyn Nichols states

January 6, 2009 in ~ 2:13 pm

In English, we usage clauses as the subjects of sentences all the time, and also not only ones that begin with “that.” We can say“How we usage language is what makes us human,” for instance, and we’re making use of a “how”-clause together the subject (and a “what”-clause together the object, too).

The usage of “that” in this way is no at every the same thing as the often-dispensible loved one pronoun “that,” which is the one that J-school types have an allergy to.

Clause fronting, which is what the linguists call the phenomenon you’ve noticed, is a machine that helps draw attention come the contents of the clause. It’s one tool in a good writer’s kit, yet as with any type of writing device, it can be overused.

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(I’m the editor that Copyediting newsletter and a intake specialist.)


why states

February 23, 2019 in ~ 2:58 pm

The author’s ignorance right here is as shocking as fifty percent the commenters’. I’m actually getting pissed off analysis this, lol. How on Earth can one think that this intake of “that” as a kids’ thing, or even a “new” thing at all? Moreover, how could you usage this suspect newness as your reasoning for not liking it, rather of just that the doesn’t sound right in less-than-formal registers of English? It’s a hallmark that archaic and also overly official prose, and anyone halfway educated who has actually read at least one publication should have encountered it normally at some point in their lives. Mine goodness.