I simply sprayed part 2 part urethane (automotive clearcoat) top top a box, and I think to continue with extr coats is past my skills. If ns sand the urethane, can I spray lacquer end it in stimulate to complete my project?

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initially Posted by Burt Pierce

I just sprayed some 2 component urethane (automotive clearcoat) top top a box, and also I think to proceed with extr coats is beyond my skills. If ns sand the urethane, deserve to I spray lacquer over it in order to complete my project?
What you sprayed is taken into consideration "stable" because it has actually a catalyst. Don"t reverse procedure, however. A secure product will attack and dissolve an unstable product.
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Phil,Do I recognize you to it is in saying that I can spray lacquer on optimal of the "stable" catalyzed urethane?Burt
I"m walking to imply that you execute not spray solvent-based lacquer over the finish you currently applied unless you absolutely test it thoroughly on scrap. Lacquer has a tendency to do nasty things to various other finishes v very few exceptions.
Dewaxed shellac is compatible over or under virtually any type of finish. I use it every the time rather than invest time trying to number out what is ~ above a item that I"m refinishing. I normally use Zinnser Seal coat which is a dewaxed, 2lb.cut blond shellac. Other "off the shelf" shellac consists of wax. V that said, they have the right to be supplied if you let that sit because that a job or two and also then pour off only the equipment on top. Don"t stir it. The wax will certainly have worked out to the bottom. Spray or brush ~ above a coat, easy sand and apply the finish of your choice.
Why perform you want to put a less long lasting finish over a really hard, durable finish? another coat of her conv. Varnish then you can rub it the end to any type of shine friend want.
Scott Finishing is one "Art & a Science". Actually, the is a process. You must understand the properties and also tendencies of the end up you are using. You must recognize the appropriate steps and techniques, then you must execute castle properly.
Becker and also Holmes room correct. If you are not sure always test. Friend shouldn"t usage a product over one more without understanding first. An example is alkyd, (oil base), end lacquer. That will work, but lacquer end oil will an outcome in an "alligator" finish. You would need a obstacle between the alkyd and also lacquer. Typically a catalytic analysis product is thought about stable yet I would certainly verify prior to doing so. I"m not certain a pre-cat lacquer is thought about stable.
Phil in large DThe only difference in between a taxidermist and the taxman, is that the taxidermist pipeline the skin. Mark Twain
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