On a clean sun-filled job you have the right to see France from Dover. The a quite shore v a pebble beach. From there, we have the right to see the cliffs which add to a great view. Dover castle is additionally not far and can it is in seen. We went over there on a sunny yet chilled day and only continued to be for few hours. But no doubt, for such a little time also, we enjoyed the legend cliffs through some fund time invested at the beach. Nearby, there was WW2 bunkers can be viewed which do the location historically important.

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Walked the white cliffs on a cloudy day but we had sun breaks. To walk 50 minutes to the cool lighthouse to be you can sit down for a cup of coffee or a pot that tea which if i was feeling up to it, I would of totally had a tea with the tasty looking dessert lock offered. Walked earlier and stopped at watch out. Simple walk with progressive uphill and also downhills.

To it is in honest, we were standing ON THE WHITE CLIFFS fairly than city hall the white cliffs. Therefore our picture turned the end beautiful, however they aren"t especially the "white cliffs" lol. We were directly downhill native the lighthouse (not sure if it"s the only one, sorry i"m being vague). Lovely scenery, yet wish us had obtained a much better view the the beautiful white cliff sides! ns think us were merely excited to be there. :)

We got there after the park entrances closed because that the night ( 7pm regional time ) yet were able to park in one "outer" lot. You have the right to visit / walk the cliffs 24/7. We walked follow me the upper edge out near the light house and walked back along the reduced cliff walk. Great views that the cliffs from different angles. Several wild life.. Rabbits, probably a fox, a couple of horses, numerous bugs.. Enjoyed the hike. Glad we invested a couple of hours over there hiking.

My Father remained in the RCAF in England throughout the second world war. Year later, when I to be a child, ns recall that regularly he and also his friends would certainly sing the song "White Cliffs that Dover". Listening the song currently makes me emotional and also seeing the "cliffs" to be a relocating experience because that me.

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I"ve constantly wanted to view the white cliffs that Dover, especially from the sea, and as we drifted away on the ferry to France on a beautiful clear morning, us were no disappointed lock looked great, us will absolutely be ago for a much longer stay to discover the area

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