Ubisoft's just-announced The Crew is one ambitious, impressive-looking game. A Need for Speed-like street racing video game with a ton that singleplayer and multiplayer options, collection on a ridiculously enormous map that spans indigenous Los Angeles to brand-new York City. Yet if you desire to play it, you're walk to require an web connection.

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Yesterday in ~ a pre-E3 press event, I had actually a possibility to clock a show of the game—due out in 2014—and invest some time playing a computer build. Ns was impressed—the racing doesn't have that exact same thrilling feeling of velocity the Criterion's games (most newly Need because that Speed: most Wanted) regulate to capture, however I really carry out like the idea.


Need for Speed: many Wanted: The cg-tower.com ReviewNeed because that Speed: most Wanted is a video game shot the end of a cannon.

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The game does this extremely slick relocate where you zoom the end from your vehicle to a Google Maps-like overhead view, zooming out till you're ultimately looking under at the entire nation, climate zooming ago in on where you desire to drive. Almost everywhere in the united States.

When I first saw a player leaping around from Miami to las Vegas to brand-new York without a loading screen, my very first thought was, "Welp, this is pretty much what ns imagined once I pictured a 'Next-Gen gyeongju Game.'"