Medically the review by Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI — composed by Valencia Higuera top top November 27, 2019

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You’re out for a one-of-a-kind dinner and eyeing the surf and turf. You know you have to order the steak fine done, but what around the shrimp? can you also eat it?

Yes, pregnant ladies can, in fact, eat shrimp. That doesn’t typical it should become your go-to day-to-day meal, however it does average you and baby can benefit from several of the great nutrients in shrimp.

Let’s look at a little much more closely at few of the referrals for eating shrimp and also other seafood throughout pregnancy, and also a few safety precautions.

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What space the referrals for eating shrimp throughout pregnancy?

As much as eat shrimp during pregnancy, some women avoid it choose the plague since they’ve been told that all seafood is turn off limits. However while that true the you have to avoid some varieties of seafood throughout pregnancy, shrimp no on the list.

In fact, follow to the Food and also Drug Administration, seafood can carry out pregnant and also breastfeeding women through nutrients to aid their baby’s growth and also development. Still, it’s important to have actually a clear understanding of i beg your pardon seafoods are safe, and which seafoods to avoid.

Basically, you’ll must avoid any seafood it is high in mercury. This is important due to the fact that eating too much mercury can damage a growing baby’s concerned system. Seafood through high mercury levels include:

swordfishsharkking mackereltilefishfresh tunaorange roughy

Seafood that contains tiny mercury, ~ above the other hand, is totally safe to eat throughout pregnancy. This has shrimp — however not just shrimp. If your taste buds room screaming because that seafood in general, you have the right to switch that up and also eat any of the following:

shrimppollackcatfishsalmontroutcanned tunacodtilapia

Don’t forget the these quiet contain mercury — simply not together much. Together a general guideline, pregnant women have to eat no an ext than 8 come 12 ounces (two or 3 servings) of seafood per week.

A healthy diet throughout pregnancy can assist ensure a healthy and balanced baby.

Shrimp and also other varieties of seafood are exceptionally healthy because they include many of the vitamins and nutrients girlfriend need. Because that example, seafood is a good source the omega-3 fat acids.

According to research, omega-3 fatty acids such together the ones discovered in seafood could potentially reduce the danger of preterm birth when consumed during pregnancy. In addition, babies born to mother with enough omega-3 input were less likely to have a low birth weight.

Omega-3s are also believed to be crucial for fetal brain and eye development. It is why so numerous prenatal vitamins encompass them — however if girlfriend can obtain these fat acids from your diet, it is an added bonus.

Eating seafood during pregnancy likewise provides your body with protein, vitamin B-2, and also vitamin D. Plus, seafood and also shrimp room a source of iron, magnesium, and also potassium. Eat iron-rich foods during pregnancy helps your body produce extra blood because that you and baby. This deserve to fight stole deficiency anemia and give you an ext energy during your pregnancy.

Just due to the fact that shrimp is safe to eat throughout pregnancy doesn’t typical that over there aren’t a few safety precautions.

To be safe, protect against raw seafood entirely throughout pregnancy. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on her immune system. So when you eat undercooked seafood, there’s the danger of getting a foodborne disease — and also let’s it is in honest, it is the last point you desire to address during pregnancy. Plus, it can be an ext dangerous because that baby.

Therefore, avoid raw sushi, sashimi, oysters, ceviche, and any other species of uncooked seafood. Store in mind the this may not median you have to say goodbye to sushi completely for those 9 months — many sushi restaurants have actually cooked options that encompass fried shrimp or various other safe seafood preparation.

Which brings united state to our next point: when ordering seafood at a restaurant, constantly confirm that dishes are fully cooked. And when preparing your seafood at home, make certain it’s cook thoroughly and also has an inner temperature of 145°F (62.8°C). Think about investing in a food thermometer.

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Also, just purchase fish, shrimp, and other seafood from grocery stores and also fish sectors that have actually a good reputation in the community. If you retrieve your seafood from neighborhood waters, keep up to day on regional fish advisories to protect against fishing in polluted waters.