There room definite dangers in tongue piercing, and some of them have the right to be severe. You yes, really owe that to you yourself to learn around the feasible complications before you submit to the needle.

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Problems associated With Tongue Piercing

Of every the possible ways to pierce the human body, a tongue piercing poses potential risks to your health. Take into consideration the setting for this piercing: the mouth is warm and wet, a virtual hothouse for farming bacteria. Together you may already know, bacteria are no piercing"s friends, however they space only one of the health and wellness risks connected with tongue piercing. Take a look in ~ the list of feasible complications, and then you deserve to decide for you yourself if you"re ready to take it the risk.

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even the cleanest mouth quiet harbors harmful bacteria. They space naturally present in differing amounts, particularly tucked in about the taste buds. Once you pierce the tongue, you market these bacteria a new home come colonize, developing the threat for infection. This have the right to be rather painful, but that"s the least of your worries. If the epidemic enters her blood stream the can end up being systemic, definition it can spread throughout your body. If this happens, you may get very sick. Systemic infections have the right to be fatal. Although severe infections linked with tongue piercings space rare, it"s crucial to consider the possibility.


A particular amount that swelling should be expected with any kind of tongue piercing; technically it is a wound, albeit one make by choice. The difficulty becomes attention if the tongue swells excessively, since it in reality extends into a section of the throat. Once swelling will the crisis point, it have the right to actually close turn off the airway. Suffocation is brewing without immediate medical intervention.

Nerve Damage

Tongue piercing is a delicate procedure the requires great accuracy to stop striking a nerve. If the piercing isn"t put in just the best place, you have the right to wind increase with long-term nerve damage. Follow to Registered dentist Hygienist Magazine, hygienists have actually seen major nerve trauma together the an outcome of tongue piercings. This could an outcome in symptoms such as:

Numbness lose of taste Impaired speech capacity limited movement

Choking/Inhalation Hazards

throttle on her jewelry is definitely a significant risk. Follow to The Cleveland Clinic, jewel aspiration is a serious issue when it comes to oral piercings. Since the heal time is so extended, resting with a bar bell in location is necessary to prevent the feet from closing over. Unfortunately, over there is a possibility that the jewelry can become unscrewed and also one or both piece swallowed. When this happens there space two feasible scenarios, and also neither that them are pretty:

script one: The jewelry is aspirated into the lungs. If you"re very lucky, the piece have the right to be extracted using a bronchoscope. If you"re not so lucky, removal might require lung surgery. scenario two: The jewelry provides its means into her digestive system. If the ball section poses only a small threat of lodging somewhere along the way, the finish with the article has the potential to cause tears and also become firmly lodged. Again, operation removal will most likely be forced in a dangerous situation such as this.

Gum Damage

depending on the exact placement of your jewelry, your barbell have the right to rub versus your gums. In ~ the least, this can reason sore spots, yet at the worst, the can reason real damage, including gum recession. Open up gums reveal the root of your teeth to the possibility of epidemic that can eat far at the jawbone and also cause your teeth to fall out.

If the undertake is recorded in the early on stages, girlfriend may be able to remove her barbell and enable the gums come heal, yet of course this would also enable your piercing come close. If the damage is in the advanced stages, that will call for dental surgical treatment to repair the gums, and there"s no insurance you won"t still shed your teeth.


tooth Damage

steel bars, balls, and teeth execute not make suitable combination. It"s feasible to wear the enamel away, leaving her teeth open to decay. You can also accidentally bite down on your jewelry, fracturing or in reality breaking one or much more teeth.

do the Decision come Pierce

now that you have actually a clear understanding of the potential threats in tongue piercing, it"s time to decision whether to walk ahead v your desire to have it brought out, or selected to pierce a much less risky human body part.

If you decision you can"t withstand forging ahead, then below are a few things you have the right to do to reduced your risks, although friend should know that girlfriend can"t get rid of them completely.

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extensively brush your teeth, gums, and also tongue before you have actually the procedure. Floss between your teeth, and gargle with an antiseptic mouth to wash too. Watch for inflammation, serious swelling, spicy pains, and also white spots approximately the wound. Any of these are indications of infection and need medical attention. should you need medical attention, report to your an individual physician or the nearest emergency room because that treatment. Her piercer is just that: her piercer. He/She may have experience, but not a patent to practice medicine. You require the field of expertise of a real medical professional to protect against your case from coming to be life threatening.

understanding the Risks

While all these threats are real and could take place to friend if you choose to have your tongue pierced, that doesn"t mean they"re automatic. You might experience few or no side effects from this type of piercing. It"s simply necessary to understand what you"re gaining into prior to you gain such a significant piercing. As soon as you execute understand, you can make an educated decision.

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