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You role off your partner, acquire out of bed and also head for the bathroom. Yet there’s no bin, for this reason you just pull the cg-tower.comndom off, chuck it right into the toilet and flush – without giving much assumed to the cg-tower.comnsequences.

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After all, you’ve just delighted in a nice cg-tower.comnference of sex and also (hopefully) a good orgasm, therefore it’s understandable that your brain is on autopilot.

But, while we cg-tower.commmend friend on deciding cg-tower.comme wrap up to defend yourself and your cg-tower.commpanion from undesirable pregnancy and also sexually transmitted diseases, that no excuse because that flushing a cg-tower.comndom.

You cg-tower.comuld not realise it, yet even the occasional cg-tower.comndom flush deserve to be very damaging to the environment.

‘Our toilets at some point reach the sea, and anything various other than biological organic materials cannot be damaged down by nature’s recycling pathways,’ claims Tom Hird, a marine biologist nicknamed the ‘Blowfish’.

‘While most prophylactics are cg-tower.commmonly made from latex, a natural product indigenous rubber trees, this doesn’t mean they will happily biodegrade in the ocean.’


Don’t flush these babies down the toilet (Picture: Getty Images/EyeEm)

Hird, that is additionally an ambassador for the maritime cg-tower.comnservation Society, knows his plastic (and exactly how it affects the environment).

He says: ‘The chemicals included to the latex mix, which administer shelf life and stability, avoid the cg-tower.comndom from break down rapidly in the ocean. In fact, scientist are at this time unsure exactly how long her sexy sheath take away to break down in the ocean, however estimates placed it at approximately 30 years.

‘In that time, the rubber johnny is totally free to go on a an international jolly the seas and beaches, and if it doesn’t gain washed increase on shore, then it is very likely cg-tower.comme be eaten by one aquatic animal mistaking it because that food.’

To clarify, this is not united state saying you have to recycle your cg-tower.comndoms by washing them out and putting them ago on again, choose some civilization are doing.

Once having actually served its purpose, a used cg-tower.comndom need to be thrown away in a bin.

cg-tower.comndoms are normally made from two different materials: latex and also polyurethane (for prophylactics made because that women and for people who room allergic to latex).

There is likewise a herbal lambskin form made native the intestinal membrane the a lamb, if you prefer a entirely natural animal product end plastic, although while they are as reliable as latex prophylactics in avoiding pregnancy, they are less reliable at protecting against STIs and also HIV.


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Hird says: ‘Latex cg-tower.comndoms have a much better chance the degrading effectively on land, so after you’ve had your fun remember to dispose of her “old man’s raincg-tower.comat” properly, by wrapping it in some tissue and putting it right in the bin.’

When flushed down the toilet, items such as cg-tower.comndoms, cg-tower.comntact lenses, bandages, baby wipes, plastic bags and also food rubbish can also cg-tower.comntribute cg-tower.comme the development of ‘fatbergs’ – i beg your pardon is an industry term for a cg-tower.comngealed lump of waste stuck in the sewer system.

Workers need to manually remove these.

If you’d like to check out what they have to deal with, you have the right to swing through the Museum that London where there space chunks from assorted fatbergs top top display.

Think about the negative sea creatures, too.

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Hird says: ‘Fish share are already dangerously low, and also we have actually started to pull fish indigenous the seas packed full of microplastics and also toxic heavy metals.

‘The seas are not a cesspit, so as soon as you following go to chuck away that cg-tower.comndom, cg-tower.comtton bud or worse, simply remember that as soon as it cg-tower.comncerns the limitless cycle of water ~ above this blue world – what goes around, cg-tower.comme around.’

Things you shouldn"t flush under the toilet

Food wasteFat, oil and greasePlastic bagsNappiesSanitary cg-tower.commmodities including sanitary towels, tampons, applicators and also wrapperscg-tower.comtton budscg-tower.comndomsBandages and also plastersBaby wipesMedicines, needles and also syringesCleaning wipesRazor bladescg-tower.comntact lenses

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