Nate's Story


after ~ 8 years of trying to quit smoking, Nate to be sick of it—literally. His throat hurt so lot from smoking cigarettes that he stated to himself, "This is stupid." the tossed his load of cigarettes come a friend and also hasn't looked back.

Nate started cigarette smoking in his teens with friends indigenous school. After 2 years of smoking, he'd had enough. But by climate he was hooked, and quitting was hard. "It was like a continuous try from one 'quit' to the next," Nate says.

Nate tried stop-smoking aids choose gum, mints, and also the nicotine patch. "I make the efforts the patch, which operated for a job or two." yet soon the anxiety would overwhelm him, and also he would certainly start smoking again.

Feeling like a failure

This consistent cycle that attempts and also relapses was difficult on Nate's self-esteem. "I can go 4 or 5 hrs without a cigarette, however as quickly as I comprised my mind i wasn't going come smoke, the was only 2 hours," that says. "It seemed like trying just made the more daunting to quit. I felt like a failure every day."

as well as the emotional price, Nate paid a physical price too. He started to notification changes in his health. He coughed a lot, particularly when he woke up in the morning, and his neck hurt. His dentist discussed white spots on his gums, for this reason Nate likewise worried a lot about gum cancer. Nate's medical professional told him the the glands in his neck were an extremely swollen but that it would take surgical procedure to uncover out what the trouble was.

lastly it to be the throat pain that aided Nate give up cigarette smoking for good. Dealing with a sore neck all the time simply wasn't precious it anymore.

however it wasn't straightforward to attend to the cravings. The toughest times were after a enjoy the meal or when driving in his car—times once he used to smoke.

Nate chewed a lot of gum and drank a many water those first couple of months. The tap the money made him feel anxious and also irritable. The didn't sleep well, and also he gained some weight.

Done with smoking

But little by tiny it obtained easier. "Calling mine girlfriend helped," Nate says. She to be there because that him and listened when he was stressed.

Then, 3 weeks ~ quitting, Nate began to have actually hope the he might have the ability to kick the habit for good. He noticed that after a meal or driving somewhere, the didn't have the extreme desire to smoke like he provided to. That's when he knew he to be done with smoking. It's to be over 2 years because Nate quit, and also he still feels no temptation come smoke.

and also he feel so lot better. "I no longer have actually swollen glands or sneeze in the morning. It used to feel like someone was sitting on my chest," Nate says. In the end, it to be feeling healthy that offered Nate the toughness to give up smoking.

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Nate's story mirrors his experiences as told in one interview. The picture is not of Nate to safeguard his privacy.