Tired the adjusting my PS1 laser, I required to the internet and also I can't acquire a straight answer. It seems the original fat design plays PS1 and also most PS2 games and every other PS3 version plays PS1 games yet not PS2. This is fine, ns don't care around PS2.

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I saw Gamestop and also I view all PS3s are on sale, joy! and the employees very politely and repeatedly told me no PS3 played PS1 games other than for the fat model and also they were wildly unreliable. Allegedly.

And yet the PS3 wiki clearly states all models pat PS1 games. I'm in phibìc America v North American PS1 gamings looking at north American PS3s.


Do friend think it's a solid alternate for who who simply wants to play PS1 games? SOTN, FFVII, etc. Admittedly, over there isn't much I'd to buy in the method of PS3 games however they space dirt cheap right now so i don't have actually much come lose.

EVERY PS3 will run your PS1 discs, the employee at Gamestop to be wrong. In fact, unless you want to understand the release date of the next two or three large blockbuster games, i wouldn't rely on your advice for anything.

Another fun fact is the you deserve to remote beat every PS1 video game (disc and digital) on a Vita or PSP.

I usage my PS3 because that PS1 games all the time. Simply recently went out and also bought a small stack the PS1 games to add to my collection.

The PS2 backwards compatibility is just on PS3s that have actually the 4 USB ports. Absolutely don't trust waht the Gamestop employee is saying, and get yourself a PS3!

All PS3's beat PS1 games since it supplies a software emulator,both physical and also digital,the emulator is really high quality,there are virtually no unplayable PS1 games.

You can additionally play PS2 gamings on all PS3's making use of the xploit,but only ISOS,and not all games work.

Hmmm, this actually reminds me of an additional question:

We should all know that every PS3 deserve to run PS1 games, but is there a difference in between how an initial PS3 runs PS1 games compared to other PS3's? The original PS3 includes PS2 hardware, i m sorry apparently permits for better compatibility through PS2 games (this can be compared to the PS3's that simply use software program emulation to operation PS2 games). Does having the PS2 hardware inside of a PS3 allow it to operation PS1 games "better"? Or does every PS3 simply choose to run the PS1 gamings through software program emulation?

The PS3 runs PS1 gamings using a pure software emulator all models carry out this,PS2 hardware has nothing to carry out with it.

Yes the original PS3 operation PS2 games pretty much perfectly because there's a finish PS2 ~ above the motherboard,the materials that permitted for very good PS1 compatibility top top the FAT PS2 room not current in the chips that space on the PS3 motherboard due to the fact that the PS2 chips on the OG PS3 space taken from the so late slim models the relied top top pure PS1 emulation too.

TL;DR:All PS3's run PS1 gamings using the exact same method.

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Trivia:You get different results to run a PS1 game from the disc compared to purchase the digital version on the store,that's because the PS3 actually has 2 various PS1 emus (actually 3 however the critical one is never ever used AFAIK),one because that physical games and also the other one because that digital games.