in the movie Drumline deserve to NIck Cannon actually play snare?cuz ns noticed that the sound didnt match the picture a pair times

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no i do not beaive Nick Cannon payed drums on the tough parts. In some parts he did pay but i dont beaive that did the hard stuff. If he did i woud it is in so madd since if a celebrity can learn that sort of drumming just for a movie climate id shoot mysef since he i will not ~ be al that worse climate then the world who dedicate their ives come drumlines.
no he dosn"t play, the visuals that does ya however if u clock closly and stuff u can clearly see the what hes playing does not go v the music.
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in my opinion drumline is the stupidest movie in the human being they dont show the mainly one is out there busting our butts and also yeah nick cannon is an you are fool anybody have the right to do visuals however to in reality play thats one more thing
Originally post by tnh021 if he did i woud be so madd since if a celebrity have the right to learn that sort of drumming simply for a movie then id shooting mysef due to the fact that he i will not ~ be al that worse then then the civilization who dedicate their ives come drumlines.

I recognize he didn"t beat the parts, however if that DID, who"s come say the wasn"t on drumline in highschool????
Originally post by drummer111yeah nick cannon is an idiot anybody can do visuals yet to in reality play thats another thing

Granted, it was an awful movie, yet why is that an idiot???? Becuase he"s an gibbs that acquired a role?????PeaceAaron
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