I’m watching the movie troy for the fourth time, and not also the naked torso of Brad Pitt can acquire me out of mine thoughts.

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When Micaela, one of my teenage clients, walked right into the salon this particular day with the Disaster, yes, v a capital D, that she carried with she hair, ns knew something had actually happened.

She looked at me and also said, “I thought I can dye mine hair 2 days in a row.”

If friend still have actually doubts, the answer is NO; you need to not dye your hair 2 days in a row.

Not also two job in the exact same week.

Your hair can’t manage it.


How many days in a row deserve to you go the end to parties?

If you room young, surely you can go the end one or two days in a heat maximum. ~ that, your body states enough. It demands to sleep.

If you aren’t young, prefer me, after simply one night the partying, I require at the very least a week to recover.

For her hair and coloring, the exact same thing happens.


Your hair ~ coloring it needs a pair of days, if no weeks, to obtain over the shock that comes v dyeing your hair.


It doesn’t issue what happens.

Maybe you provided a color, and also it no what you to be looking for.

Or possibly you want to execute something brand-new to the first color by putting in part Californian highlights.

Or you want a lighter touch 보다 what you have with the brand-new color, just barely, for this reason you use a new tone in just a couple of minutes.

Whatever the reason, mine answer will always be the same: “Never dye her hair two days in a row.”

You will go indigenous “I don’t prefer it” come “I desire to kill myself,” in ~ a half-hour.

And ns say the exact same thing as soon as they questioning me if they deserve to dye their hair every three or four days.

The answer is no.

It’s best for letting at least 4 weeks happen from one color to the next. However of course, this relies a lot on the attributes of her hair. It’s constantly best to shade hair the is in healthy condition.

Micaela’s problem had a solution, yet I nothing think it was what she was hoping.

But it was the healthiest solution for she hair.

But I’ll tell you around that a tiny later.

Now, I desire to concentrate on conserving your hair and also that girlfriend don’t make the mistake of coloring her hair with little time in between.

Why do not do it you color your hair so often?


I recognize what girlfriend feel once you walk to color your hair.

Emotion. Intrigue. Suspense. A whole world of questions that hides between your hairs.

And when things nothing go as planned, hell opens its doors.

I understand you.

I have actually seen it millions of times, and also I have the right to feel the disappointment of those ladies in mine skin.

But it’s vital to understand that any chemical procedure affects your hair, and of course, coloring her hair is no exception.

It doesn’t matter if you space lucky enough to have actually strong, healthy hair; your hair is not immune to chemistry products.

Split ends and weak hair are two the the most common results of generally coloring her hair.

Every time friend dye your hair, you transform the outside layer, damaging the obelisk of the hair. And that’s why your hair loses its shine and smoothness.

Also, you run the risk of burning your scalp, injuring it, and disrupting the expansion phases.

If you are trying to correct the shade yourself, you’re doing much more work for the stylist to repair your hair to acquire it come the color you want.


As you have the right to see, chemistry on optimal of chemical is no the solution.

At least, not one that I would certainly recommend come you.

How lengthy should i wait before dyeing my hair again?


And this is most likely one of the hardest concerns to ask since there space an boundless amount of components involved.

For example, the overall health of your hair.


Also, if girlfriend went native a dark shade to a irradiate one or evil versa.

Also, the kind of product the you offered on the very first coloring dram a part. The dye that comes in a box is no the exact same as henna or the type that a colorist uses.

Everything theatre a part.

And us only have one head the hair.


You may say to me, “But Carina, mine hair is a disaster, and it’s not what i want. Waiting 4 weeks is an eternity…”

I understand your desperation, yet I don’t market rotten fish.

That is the minimum amount of time to wait if you desire your hair to continue to be as healthy as possible.

Also, her hair will certainly be much better prepared to receive a 2nd coloring.


But over there are constantly tricks so the this brand-new color that you don’t favor fades much more easily from her hair.

That’s just how it is.

I’m not going to leave you totally disappointed.

There are things that deserve to alleviate those moments of stress while friend wait to dye her hair because that a second time.

What have the right to we do between colorings as soon as we don’t favor our color?

First thing is first, don’t gain desperate.


With time, that shade that you dislike in her hair will certainly fade. Age and experience have taught me that the zen ideology is the ideal in this cases.

If you want to wash the color, it’s ideal to use cream baths. The way, you’ll not just be acquiring rid of that undesirable color, yet you’ll additionally be nourishing your hair and preparing it in the best way to face the damaging results of coloring.

Come closer.

I’m going to tell you a secret.


Once a week, perform an olive oil or coconut oil hair mask on your hair in ~ room temperature. Cover your head in a shower cap for thirty minutes. Those oils have the right to open the cuticle that the hair so the the color will to wash out lot quicker.


Check coconut oil price top top Amazon

Consult through a colorist. It appears obvious, however they have the many knowledge around hair color and tonality.

Maybe it’s not important to gain a whole brand-new color. Maybe they can offer you other feasible alternatives that reduce the result you got, like, because that example, not dyeing her hair indigenous the root.


This is what I contact collateral damage control.

In what problems do you discover your hair?

It looked destructive after the first coloring, or it acquired worse?

If it acquired worse, provide it a remainder from the chemicals, particularly if you desire a total readjust in the shade that girlfriend got.

Also, if the dye the you used is permanent, you recognize that the cuticles will certainly be more sensitive.


But the an excellent news is, yes, over there is always great news, that if you offered a semi-permanent dye, this form of dye doesn’t go down to the cuticle, but simply into the tower of the hair. Because of the you have the right to wait much less time, two weeks, before doing the second coloring.


Do you desire to understand what taken place with Micaela?

Well, I equipped myself through patience.


Have you ever before felt the you were swimming in turbulent waters?

This to be my very first time.

I knew she wanted an immediate answer.

Teenagers and also other world that space so teenagery are prefer that.

Everything have to be here and also now, there is no worrying around the consequences.


But, it’s been a while because I grew out of adolescence. Alright, no that long.

I defined to she the damages that it does to she hair if she to be to apply an ext chemicals to obtain the shade that she wanted.

She make the efforts to convince me, but I didn’t budge. After all, i’m a mother. I understand the importance of a fashionable “No.”

And i negotiated.

I provided her a deep-nourishing treatment to revitalize the color and also improve the look at of her hair. Ns promised her that in 4 months, we would acquire the shade that she wanted.


I have the right to assure you the she left happy.

Sometimes, experiments in unskilled hands have actually their costs.

And occasionally they are too high.

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Now, I’d prefer to know a little an ext about you.


How frequently do you color your hair?

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