Pregnant world do so much to make certain that the infant they space carrying stays healthy and safe. In addition to all the restrictions of what friend can and also can’t do and what you can and also can’t eat is caffeine – found in most coffee drinks, teas, and also sodas. Heavy caffeine intake of much more than 300 milligrams a day has actually been connected with low birth weight and also an boosted risk of miscarriage.

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Not to worry, over there is no have to sacrifice your everyday coffee resolve while pregnant. The American university of Obstetrics and also Gynecology proposal limiting caffeine intake to less than 200mg a work or about 2 6-ounce cup of coffee a day. Plenty of of Starbucks’ offerings space safe for your intake while pregnant, as lengthy as the section size contains less 보다 200 mg the caffeine.

Note that certain medications and also supplements may also contain caffeine. When these quantities are most likely minuscule, take note of them once you calculation your daily intake that caffeinated beverages. Speak to your health care provider if friend have any type of concerns over your caffeine intake if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Starbucks drinks You have the right to Safely reap While Pregnant


Iced Coffee

A tall-sized stimulate (12 fl oz) of plain iced coffee native Starbucks includes 120mg that caffeine while a grande (16 fl oz) has actually 165mg. As long as girlfriend stay listed below a venti dimension that has 235mg the caffeine, drink iced coffee need to be fine. A high sized stimulate (12 fl oz) of plain iced coffee from Starbucks consists of 120mg the caffeine while a grande (16 fl oz) has 165mg. As long as friend stay below a venti size which contains 235mg that caffeine, drink iced coffee have to be fine.

If you favor larger, sizes, however, one iced coffee with milk from Starbucks peaks in ~ 190mg the caffeine in a trenta sized order (30 fl oz).

Espresso/Iced Espresso

Espressos kind the basic of many coffee-based Starbucks drinks. A solo expresso (0.75 fl oz) has 75mg that caffeine and also a doppio(1.5 fl oz) has 150mg. Stay away indigenous a triple or quad espresso which will put you means over the 200mg a day limit.


An Americano, i m sorry is basically an espresso diluted with water, has similar caffeine level to espresso. A brief Americano has 75mg and a tall one has actually 150mg. A grande has actually 225mg, putting you end the limit.

Brewed Coffee

Starbucks provides 4 different varieties of brewed coffee. Blonde Roast, Dark Roast, Pike location Roast, and Decaf Pike Place.

A quick (8 fl oz) Blonde Roast includes 180mg of caffeine. The following size up from the (tall), consists of 270mg – means over the 200mg limit.

A quick Dark Roast has 130mg and also a tall contains 195mg. A grande goes over the limit at 260mg.

A quick Pike place Roast has 155mg, A tall order the the exact same drink has 235mg.

Stick with the short cup size if you’re drink brewed coffee if pregnant.

If girlfriend prefer larger cups the coffee, a Decaf Pike ar Roast is by much your safest bet. A venti-sized cup has only 30mg the caffeine.

Hot Latte


All the lattes top top Starbucks’ current menu top out at in between 150mg and also 200mg at a venti size, other than for the Starbucks make reservation Latte, which has 265mg that caffeine in a venti size. You have the right to still reap a Starbucks to make reservation Latte in a grande dimension which includes 135mg. To make reservation Latte in a grande dimension which contains 135mg.


Feel totally free to enjoy your cappuccino in any size friend wish. A venti, which is the largest size offered, stays listed below the limit through 150mg the caffeine.

Flat White

A venti level white has actually 195mg the caffeine, just barely below the border of 200mg. A love husband Almondmilk flat White, ~ above the various other hand, has actually 225mg in the grande and also venti sizes. The short and tall size both have actually 150mg.


Starbucks’ Caffe Mocha and also White coco Mocha have 180mg and also 150mg of caffeine in their venti sizes respectively.

A venti Starbucks make reservation Dark cacao Mocha has actually 265mg that caffeine, for this reason stick come a grande size which has 135mg or smaller sized if you setup on drinking this beverage.


All the tea choices on the Starbucks menu stay well below 200mg. Feel totally free to gain your hot and iced tea drinks through no worry.


Starbucks has a rather big range the fruit-flavored cold drinks every one of which fall under the 200mg caffeine limit, even in the trenta size.

Coconutmilk Drinks

Iced coconut milk drinks all have caffeine levels listed below 200mg. Matcha and also tea-infused varieties have actually greater quantities of caffeine, however only reach around 110mg that caffeine and also can tho be appreciated even in the biggest sizes. Iced coconut milk drinks all have actually caffeine levels below 200mg. Matcha and also tea infused varieties have greater amounts of caffeine, however only reach about 110mg that caffeine and can tho be delighted in even in the biggest sizes.



All the Starbucks’ combined Frappuccino flavors stay listed below the 200mg caffeine limit, also in the trenta size. The Espresso Frappuccino, which has the biggest amount that caffeine, has around 185mg in the venti size.

Cold Brew

All that Starbucks’ cold brew spices are listed below 200mg that caffeine, as lengthy as friend only get them in the high size. The following size up will placed you previous your caffeine limit.


A venti Starbucks Caramel Macchiato has actually 150mg the caffeine. If you plan to go for an Espresso Macchiato, go with a doppio size which has 150mg, or a solo which has 75mg.

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Hot Chocolate

If coffee isn’t your thing, you’re all set to go. A Starbucks Hot coco has just 35mg of caffeine in the venti size, if a White Hot cacao has 0mg in all sizes.

The Roundup

Starbucks DrinkMaximum “Safe” dimension While PregnantAmount of Caffeine in best “Safe” Size
Iced CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)165 mg
Iced Coffee v MilkTrenta (30 fl oz)190 mg
EspressoDoppio (1.5 fl oz)150 mg
AmericanoTall (12 fl oz)150 mg
Brewed CoffeeShort (8 fl oz)130 mg – 180 mg
Decaf Brewed CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz)30 mg
Hot Latte (except Starbucks make reservation Latte)Venti (20 fl oz)150 mg – 200 mg
Starbucks reserve LatteGrande (16 fl oz)135 mg
CappuccinoVenti (20 fl oz)150 mg
Flat WhiteVenti (20 fl oz)195 mg
Honey Almondmilk level WhiteTall (12 fl oz)150 mg
Mocha (except Starbucks reserve Mocha)Venti (20 fl oz)150 mg– 180 mg
Starbucks make reservation MochaGrande (16 fl oz)135 mg
Hot and Iced TeasTrenta (30 fl oz)0 mg – 145 mg
RefreshersTrenta (30 fl oz)50 mg – 90 mg
Coconutmilk DrinksVenti (20 fl oz)0 mg – 110 mg
FrappuccinoVenti (20 fl oz)115 mg – 180 mg
Cold BrewTall (12 fl oz)140 mg – 155 mg
Caramel MacchiatoVenti (20 fl oz)150 mg
Espresso MacchiatoDoppio (1.6 fl oz)150 mg
Hot ChocolateVenti (20 fl oz)0 mg – 35 mg