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It can be an overwhelming to save your hair under manage during a vacation. First of all, if you’re just traveling through a carry-on, you have limited space, so there’s not much room left because that hair styling tools and products. In enhancement to taking care of a lack of space, you need to follow the TSA rules. If you go unprepared, the security can confiscate some of your items, which would certainly make her trip much harder than it needs to be.

But don’t worry, due to the fact that here we’ll explain which tools and products are allowed by the TSA. We’ll check out bringing tools and also products such together hairdryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, cordless butane curling irons and also hair straighteners, warm rollers, hot-air brushes, hairspray, hair gel, combs/brushes, and bobby pins top top planes. We’ll also tell you even if it is your tools will work in Europe and internationally. Finally, we’ll discuss which hair styling tools are the finest for traveling.

Can You bring a Hairdryer top top a Plane?


Electric Hair Rollers (Hot Rollers)

Electric hair rollers, or hot rollers, are permitted on planes in hand luggage and checked luggage. As long as lock come with a cord and also are it is provided by electricity, they’re for sure to fill in her luggage. There aren’t any extr limits so you can bring as numerous as you want, any type of type, and any brand. TSA doesn’t specifically mention hot rollers in your prohibited items list, therefore as lengthy as castle aren’t powered by butane, gas, or lithium batteries, girlfriend can bring them on board.

Electric Hot-Air Brushes

Hot-air pen that room powered by electricity and have a cord are allowed on airplane in hand luggage and also checked luggage. While this brushes aren’t specifically mentioned by the TSA, as long as it’s cordless, it must be enabled on planes. Butane or gas-powered, cordless hot-air brushes have actually the same limits as other butane-powered tools. For more info, examine the ar above about butane-powered tools.


According come the TSA, hairspray is permitted in hand baggage yet must be in containers smaller than 3.4 oz (100 ml) and has to it is in stored along with your various other toiletries in a transparent, quart-sized, ziplock bag. Hairspray in checked baggage can’t exceed 68 oz (2 l) in total, and each container can’t exceed 18 oz (530 ml) in size.

Hair Gel

According to the TSA, Hair gelatin is allowed both in checked baggage and hand baggage. If stored in hand luggage, hair gel must follow the TSA 3-1-1 rule, i m sorry is 3.4 oz bottles, 1 quart-sized bag, 1 bag because that each passenger.

Combs and also Brushes

Generally, you can carry combs and brushes, as lengthy as lock don’t have a spicy end and also are made the end of plastic. For instance, rat tail combs regularly have a sharp finish that’s made the end of metal. TSA would most most likely confiscate those, so if you’re bringing a rat tail comb, make certain that it’s all plastic.

Bobby Pins

According come the TSA, bobby pins room perfectly good in checked luggage and also hand luggage. That said, you have to remember to eliminate them from her hair when you’re headed into security due to the fact that they might cause the alarm to go off together you pass through.

Tip: Don’t lug Your most Expensive Hair Styling Tools

It’s ideal to save your most expensive styling devices at home. Not only deserve to they obtain lost or damaged, yet TSA or other security agents room also permitted to toss lock out. If they deem them unsafe because that travel, they’re well within their legal rights to confiscate the item. Girlfriend can shot to speak to the agent around it but, in the end, the last word is up to the security agent. Also if the item is noted as enabled in TSA’s rules, you might still shed it if that specific agent decides to take it. It might be a good idea to invest in devices that you just use if you’re traveling and also just store them inside of her luggage.

Will your Hairdryer, Curling Iron, and also Hair Straightener job-related in Europe and Other Countries?

Whenever you’re traveling with electronic devices internationally, you should double-check the they’ll work-related there. There room two determinants that you have to check. First, you should make certain that her hair dryer, curling iron, and also hair straightener all have actually the very same voltage together your destination. While the U.S. Runs on a 110-voltage grid, the EU’s grid is 220-voltage. Plugging a 110V maker in a 220V socket will certainly make it fry in seconds.

You have to make sure that every one of your devices are dual-voltage. If girlfriend look at her device, typically on the earlier or top top the cord, you will certainly find all of the voltage information. Make sure that it claims something favor 100-240V or 110V-220V, which method that it’s dual-voltage.

The 2nd factor the you should inspect is what form of outlets your destination nation has. Sockets room different throughout the whole civilization and, even in Europe, there space at the very least three various socket types! Make sure that you carry an proper adapter. New York Time’s Wirecutter took the moment to price several various adapters. They discovered that the EPICKA Universal take trip Adapter to be the finest choice. This adapter works almost everywhere in the world and is quite cheap, therefore it’s a smart thing to invest in if you’re traveling internationally!

Final Thoughts

To amount it up, girlfriend don’t need to worry around bringing consistent hairdryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, and also other devices that space powered by power as lengthy as they have actually a cord. The difficulties start as soon as you begin using butane and also gas-powered tools, which have quite a couple of limitations. Girlfriend should also avoid bringing any type of rat-tail-style combs through sharp steel ends.

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If you’re to plan on pass hairspray, make sure to check out the TSA limitations first and monitor the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for packing liquids. Before leaving, remember to double-check the your electronic devices are qualified of double-voltage, and to bring appropriate travel adapters as soon as traveling internationally. Also, think about leaving her expensive devices behind just in situation a defense agent decides to confiscate it. Having actually travel-specific hair styling tools will save you from a lot of headaches in the future!

Other commonly Asked Questions

We acquire questions about bringing stuff on planes all the time. For this reason we’ve written a the majority of other guides, wherein we price the most commonly asked questions.