Hello all, ns won a game pack (all the games) through 3 months of game time in ~ a drawing. Tickets where only a $1 and I figured what the hell, goes come a great charity. I haven't played in a really long time, however when ns did friend weren't able to send items/gold ago and forth. Has that changed?


Some items room account bound, such as heirlooms (gear that levels as you do) and reputation tokens, and also those deserve to be mailed. You cannot send gold, mats, or BoE equipment cross-faction. Some vanity items such together pets and also mounts space shared throughout toons and don't even need to be mailed.

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You kind of can, however not efficiently.

You deserve to list an item on the AH then quickly have a friend buy that (you can't bid/buyout auctions do by toons top top your own account, for this reason you require a friend). Risky though for beneficial items also late at night because there are addons designed to snipe these transactions. You can conveniently transfer gold this way by listing a useless item, for instance listing a useless/grey item for 10k on your alliance toon then having a horde girlfriend buy the (using yellow you give them beforehand). The downside below is the AH bring away a 10-15% reduced so girlfriend would only see 8.5-9k that your original 10k

The other route is buying battle pets ~ above one faction then selling on another. You about theory don't shed value, but it commonly takes a most time to sell a battle pet

There is one means you can transfer gold: purchase a pet from the AH, learn it, move to another character, re-cage the pet, and sell it. It's no a terribly dependable method, however it's much better than nothing.

Hey, it's actually really straightforward to transfer gold. Buying and selling pets is a fairly "risky" investment due to the fact that it might not sell anytime soon or for method lower depending upon how the market changes.

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The easiest way is to placed a Grey items on the ah v the character which is supposed to receive the gold (so let's say her horde personality puts a Grey item because that 200k ~ above the ah). Now you give a great friend on your "source" character (in my example alliance) the 200k gold and also he buys the auction. If girlfriend state in a message that this yellow is supposed to be used to to buy x auctions and he scams you, you can easily develop a ticket and get the gold back since scamming is against the wow tos (since there's no method as a player to punishment a scammer). This obviously just works top top the same realm.