Can Guinea Pigs Eat Onion?

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Onions add complex, savory odor to countless of the foods items we people enjoy. The inquiry is, can guinea pigs eat onions?

As you might currently be aware, onions space toxic to certain animals. Castle contain compounds the can reason anemia and other health problems.

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Unfortunately, guinea pigs are among them.

Keep top top reading. We’re about to answer every one of your questions around onions because that guinea pigs.

Onion Nutritional Facts

It’s her lucky job if she a fan of onions! lock a an excellent source of many minerals and a couple of important vitamin – therefore feel complimentary to reap them even though they’re off her guinea pig’s menu.

Each kind of onion uses its very own nutritional profile, so take into consideration spending a couple of moments researching if she interested in discovering the specifics! because that now, here’s a rapid overview that the nutrients uncovered in many onion varieties.

vitamin Cvitamin Apotassiumcalciummagnesiumironfolatephosphoruszincmanganese

Can Guinea Pigs have Onions?


No – guinea pigs can’t have onions of any kind. Onions save toxins the your guinea pig’s body can’t process.

Are Onions good For Guinea Pigs?

Absolutely not! also though onions are full of antioxidants that can benefit humans, they room poisonous come guinea pigs.

Never feeding onion to a guinea pig – not even a small bit.

Do Guinea Pigs favor Onions?

Guinea pigs it seems to be ~ to choose leafy greens and also sweet fruit over other types of snacks.

The reality is, we’ve never inspect to check out whether guinea pigs prefer onion due to the fact that it just isn’t worth the risk.

How lot Onion have the right to A Guinea Pig Eat?


It’s true that guinea pigs love vegetables – in fact, their committed herbivores. Even so, they need to never eat onion in any amount. Giving onion to guinea pigs simply isn’t a good idea.

Baby guinea pigNone
Adult guinea pigNone

In situation you are here after the fact and your guinea pig ate onion, the case could be an emergency. Onion is very toxic come guinea pigs – in fact, it has actually the potential to kill them.

If your guinea pig ate onion, call your vet automatically for specific instructions about what to perform next.

The correct Diet Is Important

A guinea pig’s natural diet is composed of every kinds of small plants that prosper within easy reach of your adorable little legs. Most of the tree guinea pigs eat space in the grass family members – however don’t allow that protect against you native letting lock try brand-new things. Even though onion isn’t safe, you’ll find plenty of various other suggestions here!

Since guinea pigs largely eat grasses in the wild, the stands to factor that fresh hay is the cornerstone the a pets guinea pig’s diet.

There are a few other points your guinea pig requirements each day:

Guinea pigs love fresh vegetables. Treat your guinea pig come 1 cup of new leafy greens and a few chopped veggies every day. Girlfriend can likewise offer them tiny amounts of new fruit.

There’s one more thing her guinea pig demands in addition to a safe, comfortable cage, soft bedding, and also plenty of great food:

A guinea pig’s teeth never ever stop growing, for this reason it’s increase to united state to ensure that our pets’ teeth are worn to the correct length. This is easy to accomplish – in fact, her guinea pig will carry out all the job-related themselves.

Just give them safe, chewable guinea pig toys. Not just will this items protect against your guinea pig’s this from ending up being overgrown, they additionally prevent boredom and aid maintain your pet’s psychological health.

What space Some Healthy options To Onion In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?


We’re pretty certain that her guinea pig i will not ~ be as well disappointed about missing the end on onion. Also so, you probably in search of something else to market them!

Here room some healthy, all-natural guinea pig treats come consider:

asparagusartichokebutter lettucebuttercrunch lettucebibb lettuceromainearugulagreen beanssummer squashbell pepperzucchiniparsniptomatobroccolibroccolinibok choyyu choyrocketcabbagecucumberpumpkincauliflowerbrussels sproutswatercressbasilcilantromintparsleycarrotcarrot topsswiss chardspinachendiveescarolebeetsbeet tops

As you deserve to see, there space lots of various veggies that are an excellent for guinea pigs – and also the item on this list are just the reminder of the iceberg!

And, together you uncovered when you decided to discover out around whether onions room OK because that guinea pigs, it’s vital to research new items – this way, you’ll avoid toxic foods and foods that aren’t safe for some other reason; because that example, peanuts deserve to be a choking hazard.

For now, why not give your guinea pig a part of carrot or a environment-friendly bean? Both room yummy treats that room perfectly safe for your piggie come enjoy.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Is onion safe for guinea pigs?

No! Onion is toxicity to guinea pigs.

Can onion do my guinea pig sick?

Yes – onion is poisonous come guinea pigs and also it can make your pet very sick. If your guinea pig ate onion, speak to the vet appropriate away.

Can guinea pigs eat red onion?

No – red onion is just as toxicity to guinea pigs as various other varieties of onion. Never offer onion of any kind come a guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs eat shallots?

No. Shallots belong to the same family members as onions and also are equally toxicity to guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs have garlic?

No – garlic is in the allium family similar to onions and also shallots. Garlic is toxicity to guinea pigs. Never give a guinea pig garlic in any amount.

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Can guinea pigs have eco-friendly onions?

No. Eco-friendly onions save the exact same toxic compounds uncovered in other onion varieties. Don"t give green onions to guinea pigs.