Can displacement be better than distance provide your answer v reason?

No, the displacement can’t be higher than the distance travelled by things this deserve to be described as adheres to : As distance is the full length covered by an item while, Displacement is the shortest street travelled in between two points.

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Why have the right to displacement never be better than distance?

Displacement is a vector quantity and also it is identified as the shortest length between two particular points. Finally, the conclusion is that since displacement is always the shortest length between two fixed points, it deserve to never be greater than distance.

Is displacement constantly less 보다 distance?

Distance and also displacement are various quantities, but they are related. Because the displacement is measured along the shortest path in between two points, its magnitude is constantly less 보다 or equal to the distance.

Can the distance took trip by things be smaller sized than magnitude of that displacement?

Accepted Answer: 1.No,the distance took trip by an object can be an ext than or same to the magnitude of the displacement.

Is it possible that displacement is zero but?

Yes, that is possible that displacement can be 0 yet distance is never 0. Yet if you see the displacement , the is 0 because your starting point is A and also ending suggest is likewise A . And also reverse of it is not feasible because distance deserve to never it is in 0 if you travel from one point to another.

Can displacement it is in zero also if street is not zero?

Yes. Because that example, a auto travels from allude A come B and then come back. Mean AB=5m. In this case, distance travelled is 10m, if the displacement is zero.

Is it possible to take trip 5000 m and have a displacement of 0 m?

Answer: the is not possible to travel 5000 metre since when the displacement is zero climate it means no distance cover through it.

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Under what conditions things will have actually zero displacement but non zero distance?

A1) yes , displacement have the right to be zero even if a body has covered some distance. For instance , take into consideration two point out A and also B 1km far from each other, if a human body travels indigenous A to B and also comes ago to A , that is distance will be (1+1) km while its displacement will certainly be 0 , because object is earlier to its early stage position.


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