Bruno Mars Siblings:

Eric Hernandez (brother) and also 4 sisters – Presley Hernandez, Tiara Hernandez, Tahiti Hernandez, Jamie Hernandez


Eric Hernandez, – Presley Hernandez, Tiara Hernandez, Tahiti Hernandez, Jamie Hernandez

Bruno Mars Marital Status:

in relationship

Bruno Mars Children:


“Everything’s an excellent right now!” – Bruno Mars defined the current period of his life in this words. He is 30, the is rich and also popular and he is dating a design Jessica Caban. Probably, Bruno Mars wouldn’t become so popular, if he came from some various other family.

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Bruno Mars, Jessica Caban

He to be born in a big family that a musician Pete Hernandez and a dancer Bernadette Hernandez. His parents acquired acquainted, as soon as they both carry out in the exact same show.

Pete and also Bernadette gave a birth to 6 children and also each of castle is connected with musical market now. His brothers is a drummer in Bruno’s band and also his sisters have developed the girls’ band.

Four girls and also two boys from Hernandez family helped their parents and performed on the stage with them from the more quickly years. Peter Gene Hernandez (Bruno Mars) began to play miscellaneous musical tools at an early age, due to the fact that he had numerous of them at home. He just took the guitar or the drum and also started playing. The boy acquired a nickname “Bruno” from his father due to the fact that he looked prefer Bruno Sammartino, a wrestler.

“‘I constantly brush my teeth cuz mine mommy said, I execute it in the morning and right prior to bed!” this words Bruno Mars devoted to his mother, when he was simply 4. Bruno has constantly been thankful come his mom as that understood, his success to be the result of her care.


Bruno Mars. Family

Bruno’s parental divorced, as soon as the future star to be a little boy. It was an extremely hard for Bernie to lug up six youngsters alone, yet she did it. The woman was prepared to do any kind of job she can find – Bernie cleaned houses, offered her paintings and also danced, of course.

When Bruno Mars to be 28, he lost his mom. She died unexpectedly from mind aneurysm and Bruno had actually to cancel his concert to come house to see his mother for the last time. 2 months passed ~ his mother’s death (the woman was just 55) and also Bruno got an additional Grammy. He devoted the compensation to his so late mother. The star has a tattoo through his mom’s surname on his wrist.


Bruno Mars. Family

Of course, Bruno Mars is walk to become a an excellent father and husband and also future. However now that is focused on his career. Bruno is no single, he is date a model Jessica Caban since 2011 and some of your friends hope, the they will certainly be engaged soon.

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Bruno Mars likes his brother and sisters and also he hopes that someday his household will become bigger.