Expertly play ping-pong making use of nunchaku fairly than a paddle is certainly an outstanding feat, no matter who perfect it.

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Published27 November 2012

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A video clip mirrors martial arts star Bruce Lee expertly play ping-pong utilizing nunchaku rather than a paddle.

A video clip clip purportedly mirroring actor and also martial arts master Bruce Lee expertly playing ping-pong utilizing nunchaku (also called “nunchucks” or “nunchuks”) quite than a paddle has actually amused and astounded viewers for years now:

However, as a complete version of the video shows, this clip is not a record of a actual event; it’s simply a digital creation intended together a viral advertising for the Nokia N96 minimal Edition Bruce Lee cabinet phone, developed in 2008 (thirty-five years after Lee’s death) through the Beijing office the the JWT (J. Walter Thompson) heralding agency.

The video clip employed a Bruce Lee look-alike gibbs pretending to play ping-pong versus an opponent, their movements sychronized to the sound of a actual table tennis match, through the final audio and the visual photo of the sphere being added to the clip in post-production.

Polly Chu, the JWT Chief creative Officer responsible for the promotion spot, disputed its creation in one interview with Agency.Asia:

Agency.Asia: Your job-related for Nokia is merely brilliant. The idea that Bruce Lee playing ping-pong through nunchaku <“nunchukkas”> is for this reason fantastically comprehensible, yet so exceptionally obscure.

Every other an imaginative in the civilization is kicking self or herself that they no think of it first. It is the sign of a an excellent idea. Exactly how in heaven’s name did you offer an idea that functions absolutely no footage of a telephone come a vast multinational client? the is a masterstroke.

Polly Chu: efficient viral relies on an idea the is ‘very’ – very amazing, an extremely funny, very disgusting, or an extremely rude etc. Just when people find it interesting enough, lock will invest time with it and share it come others. That makes it ‘viral’.

Bruce Lee had actually ‘very’ amazing skills and we knew we had to be true come the legend. Thankfully, we additionally have a ‘very’ open-minded customer who champions and knows the value of an excellent creative.

Agency.Asia: What was the impetus for ‘Bruce Lee’?

Polly Chu: We’ve excellent an estimate on just how much it would certainly have cost for paid placements on links like YouTube, Youku, etc. The numbers came increase to countless dollars.

A small harder to measure, but equally valuable, is the ‘cool factor’ the has offered the Nokia brand globally. The inspiration behind the idea originates from the teams’ love because that Bruce Lee personally. Us are big fans of him.

That’s why we know what type of tricks will certainly stir up warm news among his fans. That course, 2008 to be Bruce Lee’s 30th anniversary also inspired united state to launch a campaign to salary tributes to him. Our job was come get world excited sufficient to visit the campaign’s micro-site whereby they can learn much more about the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee restricted Edition, no to interact a complete, was standing alone product offering proposition i beg your pardon is the target behind many TVCs .

Agency.Asia: The video has been viewed tens of countless times ~ above YouTube alone. Nevertheless its phenomenal popularity, over there is a colossal lot of debate as to whether the footage was genuine or whether it is trick photography.

When us look in ~ the forums, people are actually hurling abuse at every other. The is rare that advertising stirs increase so lot passion. The one point that seems virtually unanimous is that civilization absolutely love her ad.

Polly Chu: Now, that would be telling! We’re likewise thrilled to see that people think the product is as cool together the famous films. This is also one that the most interesting facets of this project that we can actually know how world reacted v our ad; we might keep tracking top top the responses and also plan our following step. We launched the 10 secs teaser an initial and waited because that 2 days.

There were currently 700,000 see within 24 hours. Climate we launched the complete version with the product shot and also website address where human being could stimulate the limited edition phone. That is in fact a well planned e-marketing campaign. We were thrilled to witness those passionate responses.

Agency.Asia: did Nokia specifically request a famous campaign, or go ‘Nokia N96’ start out as a TVC brief and also end increase going ballistic on friend Tube?

Polly Chu: Actually, the original brief was because that point-of-sale only yet we knew that it no going to reduced the mustard. And frankly, we didn’t have media spending plan at all. As such viral video clip was the only creative solution.

Agency.Asia: What have the right to you phone call us about the director, due to the fact that they certain nailed this advertisement? Shot from the darkness, it has a patent voyeuristic feel around it.

You really feel choose you’re there and you daren’t also breathe in case Bruce have to mishit the ping-pong sphere – and possibly come and kick her ass! it is one execution altogether various from what one can expect native Nokia, a company renowned because that micro modern technology and refinement.

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Polly Chu: Yes, we questioned with the director just how to make it look choose a never-seen-before secret footage the Bruce Lee. The director take it a good effort to study Bruce Lee and found the appropriate talent. We used an up and also coming local Chinese director whose passion might be checked out in every 2nd of the film.