Part that the adventure of sunlight Valley is obtaining around. Girlfriend won’t need your car, because it’s just a quick stroll come just about anything you can want to see, do, or eat. Or you could hop ~ above the hill Rides complimentary bus service for transport throughout the wood River Valley, including round trips from the village to both Dollar and also Bald mountains and to the towns of Ketchum and Elkhorn Springs.

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Daily non-saw Flights to sun Valley from san Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver,Salt Lake City, and also Chicago.

​Sun valley is served by Hailey'sFriedman Memorial Airport(SUN). It's situated 14 milesfrom the resort andis easily available from the gateway cities of San Francisco (SFO), Seattle (SEA), Los Angeles (LAX), Salt Lake City (SLC), Denver (DEN), and also Chicago (ORD). These urban are served by most significant airlines and are met by sun Valley’s connecting carriers:Alaska Airlines,Delta Connection(Operated bySkyWest) and also United Express(Operated bySkyWest).



Sun sink Resort supplies courtesy transportation for our guests remaining at the will from/to Friedman Memorial Airport and the sunlight Valley Resort. For more information call Bell service (208) 622-2122or e-mail svshuttle must be make to insurance a seat upon arrival.


Alaska Airlines

Nonstop business to sun Valley from Seattle.

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Delta Airlines

Daily Nonstop course - Salt Lake to sunlight Valley

CRJ 700 jet organization runs daily.

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United Airlines

Nonstop routes from Denver and San Francisco to sunlight Valley

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Daily shuttle service betweenBoise airport (BOI) andthe sun ValleyLodge viaSun sink Express.

Advance tickets might be purchase by calling sunlight Valley to express (877) 622-8267or going virtual to Tickets also may be purchased ~ above the bus in ~ time of leave on a space available basis.

Driving to sun Valley

Driving to sunlight Valley Resort offers an exciting ride through high desert and also picturesque farmland v very small traffic.

From Boise Airport:

Head east on I-84 41 miles to the second exit for mountain Home. Turn left on Hwy. 20 (a good spot for rest or refreshments). Continue on Hwy. 20 because that 84 miles to the Hwy. 75 junction. Rotate left top top Hwy. 75 and continue because that 25 mile to key Street in Ketchum. Turn ideal (east) on sun Valley Road. The will is one mile ahead.Total: 151 miles(2hrs 50mins)

From Boise in inclement weather:

Take I-84 eastern 87 miles to the Bliss Exit. Take it Hwy. 26 toward Gooding and also Shoshone, about 27 miles. Revolve left top top Hwy. 75 at Shoshone. Proceed 54 miles to Ketchum. Turn best (east) on sunlight Valley Road. The resort is one mile ahead.Total: 169 miles(3hrs 10mins)

From Twin drops Airport:

Take Airport road east. Road turns into Washington, climate Shoshone Street. Continue through downtown Twin drops to the Five-point Intersection. Turn left top top Hwy. 93 (Blue Lakes Blvd.).Continue to the Perrine bridge which the cross the Snake flow Canyon. Continue on Hwy. 93 which will certainly turn into Hwy. 75 in ~ Shoshone. Continue 54 miles to Ketchum. Turn appropriate (east) on sun Valley Road. The resort is one mile ahead.Total: 85 miles(2hrs)

Electric vehicle Charging

Sun sink Resort currently hosts 3, level-2 electric automobile charging stations. We have 2 Tesla wall surface Connectors that provide up come 64 amps the power. We likewise have a universal J-1772 terminal that deserve to charge all electrical vehicles and delivers approximately 32 amps that power. Every one of our train station are accessible to our guests and also patrons, just check in v the former desk.

Rental Car

Rental cars room now accessible at the resort from enterprise Rent-A-Car for roundtrip and also one method rentals, and also drops-offs from other locations. Make reservation online v Enterprise Rent-A-Car or contact (800) 261-7331. You may alo inquire with the sunlight Valley Concierge(208) 622-2097.

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Getting about Town
Getting Around

Getting to the Lifts and also Around Town


Sun sink is a complete walking village, wherein automobiles room unnecessary. Condominium units are situated within basic walking street of the sunlight Valley Village, but totally free bus business is also available. TheMountain Rides transport Authoritysystem gives free transport in Ketchum and, including constant round trips indigenous the village to both Dollar and also Bald Mountains and also to the city of Ketchum and also Elkhorn Springs.