Bleach the Movie: The Diamond Dust Rebellion (2007) BluRay Full Movie

Bleach the Movie: The Diamond Dust Rebellion (2007) dual Audio English Gdrive Link720p&1080p. This is a twin audio movie and easily accessible in720p <800MB>&1080p <1000MB>qualities.

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Bleach the Movie 2: The Diamond Dust Rebellion (2007) 92min | Animation, Action, Thriller | 22 December 2007 (Japan)
Director: Noriyuki AbeWriter: Masahiro Ôkubo, Michiko YokoteStars: Masakazu Morita, Fumiko Orikasa, Hiroki Yasumoto
Summary: An artifact recognized as the "King's Seal" is stolen during transport native the Soul society by an unidentified heart Reaper and also two Arrancar resembling girls who control fire and also lightning. ... See full summary »
Countries: JapanLanguages: Japanese
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Download Bleach the Movie: The Diamond Dust Rebellion (2007) twin Audio Eng called 720p & 1080p

Movie Info:-

Full Name: –Bleach the Movie: The Diamond Dust Rebellion

Release year:(2007)

Language: English

Genres:Animation | action | Adventure

Screenshots:-Click Here

Bleach the Movie: The DiamondDust Rebellion (2007) complete Movie Storyline:-

once an artifact well-known as the “King’s Seal” is stolen during transport from soul Society, Hitsugaya Toushirou is assigned come retrieve it.

Bleach the Movie: The DiamondDust Rebellion (2007) complete Movie Reviews:-

Toushirou goes absent after a battle with the thieves, leading Seireitei to doubt him the treachery. Castle order his immediate capture and execution.


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