I am a freshman from the Midwest and also there is a high likelihood that me having actually to move to the Travis AFB area and also I have actually a few questions

Is tape the same format as below in the Midwest where every tape does a boa format marching show?

How well-known is marching tape in CA?

Do any kind of bands in CA go to BOA?

How often do bands walk to competitions?



Surprised no one has actually mentioned that yet. Ayala native Cali made 12th at grand Nats this year. However other 보다 that the Cali bands are often ignored in ~ BOA. They have their very own California circuit IIRC.

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Drum corps is quite big there though.

I dont know much about the north, however socal has scsboa, which has actually a many of good schools. Ns dont know if any type of boa bands room in cali, many I've seen are texas and also that area.

My band personality is very competitive, and quite well known, so in the season we had comps every 1-2 weeks

Travis AFB isn’t terribly much from me, so hope I can help.

Is band the same format as right here in the Midwest where every tape does a boa style marching show?

Almost every tape in the an ar (Travis AFB is usually considered part of the Sacramento region, yet it’s likewise pretty close come the only Area) go military- or corps-style marching. Ns don’t understand of any type of who do HBCU-style high stepping. However, there room a lot of bands, particularly smaller ones, the only compete in parade competitions and also don’t do field shows. Some schools do both parade and also field, which is exhausting.

2. How famous is marching tape in CA?

Definitely no as renowned as in, say, Texas, yet it will probably depend on your school. Big bands here tend to peak out about 250 members, yet most “large” bands average around 150. My high school, for instance, was 4A (at the moment the course for the largest bands) and was usually roughly 120 people. Over there are numerous smaller bands, too, which may not correlate come smaller institution size.

3. Do any type of bands in CA go to BOA?

The only ones I recognize of are from southerly California. BOA has historically ignored the west coast, and also only in recent years has there to be a regional on this coast. And there’s still only the one, i m sorry iirc is commonly closer to SoCal. Your band will most likely complete in one of two people NCBA (Northern California tape Association) or WBA (Western tape Association). WBA has tendency to have tougher scoring and judges top top the field, yet doesn’t normally host parade competitions. Both host circuit championships, however there’s no All-State vain in California. You’ll probably never fulfill bands from much of southern California, who usually compete in SCSBOA (no relationship to BOA).

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4. How frequently do bands go to competitions?

When I remained in high school, we saw competitions nearly every weekend indigenous either so late September or early October through to the weekend before Thanksgiving. Us maybe had one weekend “off” (read: rehearsing). Mine band went to a mix that NCBA and WBA competitions. Our travel time differed from ten minute (school in the same district together us) to four hours to eight hrs that time WBA champs was held in Santa Barbara....