The 10 best Weapons In Resident angry From typical shotguns and pistols to outrageous explosives and energy weapons, the plenty of weapons of Resident angry have developed some pan favorites.

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Feature picture showing Jill and also Leon posing through shotguns.
throughout the long history of the Resident evil franchise, players have actually been equipped v an impressive variety of tools to dispatch their monstrous enemies. They"ve ranged from conventional handguns and shotguns to outrageous rocket launchers, flame throwers, and energy weapons. The franchise has likewise constantly renegotiated its connection towards that is weapons, with some titles forcing football player to use them sparingly, and also others allowing them to fire far at adversaries without a 2nd thought.

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All that this variety has created some exceptionally funny weapons, as well as others the aren"t quite also remembered. Everyone has actually their favorites, of course, specifically in titles like Resident angry 4 and also 5 that approve the player a high degree of customization and also ownership over their arsenal.

Leon aiming the Riot gun in Resident angry 4.
What is the finest shotgun in the history of the Resident angry franchise? It"s practically impossible to answer this question with any type of finality, but one of the most renowned answers is without a doubt Resident Evil 4"s revolt Gun. Although the game"s traditional shotgun is fine as is, the riot Gun"s imposing appearance and also long variety make it the much more popular choice.

The main benefit the revolt Gun has actually over various other shotguns in Resident angry 4 is a considerably tighter spread, permitting for the to provide reliable damage and also score knockdowns at ranges that various other weapons that its course cannot.

9 Resident angry 5"s S&W M500

The most powerful magnum accessible in Resident angry 5.
Is the S&W Magnum much too large, unwieldy, and also expensive come be useful as a sidearm in Resident evil 5? Probably, yet is it additionally the most fun that a player have the right to have through a magnum? Most certainly yes. The weapon"s outrageous recoil and also low magazine capacity force a player to be extremely careful with their aim, usually only affording them enough time to obtain a grasp of shots off prior to they have to reposition.

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However, those constraints are rapidly forgiven once a solitary round tears v a group of opponents at a damages output 2nd only to a rocket launcher. It could be complicated to use, but killing enemies with that is always worth the effort.

The Resident evil 3 assault rifle as it shows up in the inventory screen.
classic Resident Evil titles didn"t attribute many fully automatic weapons, but, when they did make an appearance, lock were virtually always exceptionally powerful. The quick fire price of something favor Resident evil 2"s submachine gun permitted it come lock also the most dangerous RE monsters into their shock animations while the player drained their wellness pool v a plentiful magazine.

All the this is come say that Resident Evil fans were past pleased v the attack rifle in Resident evil 3. On easy difficulty, Jill also starts the game with one in her inventory, permitting the player come gun under the game"s plentiful enemies with ease—provided the they store an eye on their ammo.

7 Resident angry 5"s Hydra

Chris aiming the Hydra in Resident evil 5.
We"ve all heard of double-barreled shotguns, yet Resident angry 5 asks one all-important question—how come nobody"s ever slapped a 3rd barrel on there before? The result of such philosophical inquiries is the Hydra, a triple-barrel shotgun inspired plainly through Mad Max.

Although that suffers from a slow-moving reload speed, it an ext than makes up for the shortcoming by sporting the highest damage output of any shotgun in Resident evil 5. Also outside of its impressive stats, the weapon is worth utilizing on account the its amazing animations alone. When aiming, fan-favorite Resident Evil protagonist kris Redfield will strike a Mad Max or Terminator-esque pose, stop the shotgun in a solitary hand.

limitless ammo and a frankly outrageous damages output make the Chicago Typewrite one of Resident angry 4"s most imposing unlockable weapons, however its stats don"t tell the whole story. Mowing down crowds of enemies without a care in the world is rewarding, however it"s the weapon"s unique presentation the really sells the experience.

When Leon equips his special 2 outfit—the one that provides him look like a Prohibition-era Chicago mobster—the illustration of the weapon changes, as carry out its reload animations. Reloading a weapon with boundless ammo can seem silly, but, in one RE easter egg that often goes undiscovered, Leon performs stylish cap tricks alongside the weapon"s reload animation, making it much more than precious the effort.

5 Resident angry 2 Remake"s Lightning Hawk

one of the elements that keeps players coming earlier to Resident Evil is the means that the games juggle moment of empowerment and also disempowerment. A player has minimal resources, is weak contrasted to their enemies, and also probably only has a grasp of rounds on their most powerful weapons in situation of emergencies.

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Using those an effective weapons in together an emergency, however, is constantly immensely rewarding. One such instance is the Lightning eagle magnum in Resident angry 2"s remake. The player spends most of the game weak and on the run, but it"s all worth it once they finally get one excuse to take it a zombie"s head off v a solitary round native this an effective handgun.

It"s unclear in ~ what point in the development procedure Capcom determined that Resident Evil: Village essential a lightsaber, however fans are eternally glad the they did. Resident Evil gamings are frequently notably lacking in melee weapon diversity, so it"s an unambiguously great thing the Village rectified this shortcoming in meme-worthy style.

Although the LZ Answerer demands that the player complete some pretty intense gameplay challenges to unlock it, it"s worth the effort since this weapon, predictably, has actually the highest damage output of any kind of melee weapon in the game. The can also heal the player, and also there"s a double-blade mode, as well.

3 Resident angry 7"s AMG-78

Wielded by Joe Baker in the Resident angry 7 DLC missions, End of Zoe, the AMG-78 is a cybernetic gauntlet that allows the player to beat hard—really hard. A complete charge on the AMG-78 is solid enough to vaporize most adversaries in the game, making punching the end molded an extremely satisfying experience.

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Notably, Joe Baker doesn"t find the AMG-78 till some time right into the DLC levels, having made his development up until that allude with nothing however his bare fists. That"s certainly an admirable—if unadvisable—undertaking, yet it offer to do acquiring and wielding the AMG-78 the much more satisfying.

The shotgun in Resident evil 2 functions an in similar way to the shotgun indigenous the original game; a large spread, trusted knockdown, and also impressive damages make the a weapon finest reserved because that fighting crowds, stronger opponent types, and also the ever-present hazard of a daunting RE boss encounter. The huge difference between Resident evil 2"s shotgun and its predecessor is presentation.

The enhanced graphical prowess that the 2nd game in the collection allowed Capcom to amp up the lot of gore top top screen, and also to introduce much more sophisticated struggle reactions because that zombies. As such, shoot the shotgun into a crowd in Resident angry 2 will an outcome in an amusingly gory spectacle, v bits that zombie scattering across the room as heads, arms, and also legs space stripped away.

1 Resident angry 4"s Red9

there will always be an recurring debate around the ideal weapons in the franchise, particularly in Resident evil 4, but few can claim to accumulate as much commitment as Resident evil 4"s humble Red9 handgun. Purchasable early on in the game, the Red9 is an generally upgradeable pistol that puts the end enough damage to attend to nearly every opponent the video game will throw at the player.

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Its simple design and reliably high damages output have actually made it the workhorse pistol of selection for many, if not many Resident angry 4 fans. Unpretentious and efficient, the Red9 is among the finest generalist weapons the video game has to offer.