Beauty and the Beast took ar in mid-1700s France. As we every know, Belle and also her father resided in a “provincial town” top top the shore of France prior to the French Revolution. So, what to be France like during this time?

Well,mid-1700s France was, basically, in ~ the peak of that is power. King louis XV had startedruling in 1715 till 1774 and also had absolute power with the Catholic Church ofFrance top top his side. France was 2nd only to good Britain in trade, and it hadthe largest unified territory, sporting 22 million people. The populace wasat least 3 times much more than England, and 6 times much more than the lands about itlike the Netherlands and Sweden.

Unfortunately,in her quick and intense rise to power, France’s plain citizens to be beingleft behind. Farmers had actually trouble maintaining up through the climbing population, together therewere too couple of acres to flourish on for each farming family. Technology in farmingwas additionally discouraged by the monarchy. Farmers might never keep money to helpthemselves since their taxes continuously rose. Good thing Belle and also her fatherweren’t farmers, eh?

~ above the sideof the arts and also the upcoming enlightenment period, however, France to be a powerhouse. King luigi XV had actually moved the capitol to Versailles and built whole villagefor his family and surrounding nobles. His official mistress, mam Pompadour,was known as the patron of the arts and also literature. Like Belle, she love reading.In fact, she had actually her own huge library, just like the Beast did, through thousandsof books to pick from. Once the Enlightenment—a duration of philosophical andscientific breakthroughs—was rising, mam Pompadour was leading the movement.

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Isidore-Laurent Deroy, the park and palace the Versailles, France, nineteenth century. Lithograph.

So, where couldBelle have actually been in every one of France?

it is thoughtthat the “provincial town” Belle and her father resided in was motivated by LaRochelle, one actual tiny provincial town that the original author, Gabrielle-SuzanneBarbot de Gallon de Villeneuve, was born in. The speak goes, “La Rochelle:belle et rebelle” Beauty and Rebel, and that was specifically what this town wasknown for. Though still just as illiterate as most of France when was at thattime, La Rochelle was actions ahead that the remainder of the country. Good news whenFrance was Catholic, La Rochelle combated for religious peace and also individualismfor centuries.

In fact, aboutthe time Belle and also the Beast met, the enlightenment had currently made it method towardsLa Rochelle. This would quickly be a good time for the town, as its water tradebenefitted greatly. Their harbors would certainly be taking much more ships and creatinglarger gates for trade. Perhaps that’s why the city bustles the method we alwayssee it do in the musical? that would additionally be understandable regarding why we wouldfind such an enlightened pair such asBelle and also her dad in this sweet little town. Castle were simply ahead the thecurb.

during thetime, the Beast was obviously not well-known throughout the town, as many nobleslike him kept to themselves. Aristocrats had tendency to be absent from the people, hairyor not. Beast, however, walk fit this duration just as well in the story as inreality. His castle available many Baroque-style features but had an Enlightenmenttouch with the impressive library he kept.

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of course,not as glorious together true fairytales, France throughout the mid-1700s was just asexciting and also wild together Beauty and the Beastportrays it, except, girlfriend know, without the fascinating silverware.