I just bought 6 new refills for my wall surface flowers waiting freshner plug ins. They execute not work, they do not traction up the odor from the glass bottles...My wall surface flowers,the plastic holders space new..

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Are girlfriend having problems I am calling client service.. Mine friend has actually some and also hers execute not job-related either...I to be going come return them....not a really happy customer..I acquisition a lot of items indigenous store..If lock don"t take treatment of problem..Well we will see...I am very disappointed,I buy from bath and body all the time..I expect it works....

Product or business Mentioned: Bath and Body works Air Freshener.

Reason that review: poor quality.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: i would like my wall surface flowers to work.So disappointed the they don"t work.Maybe the company can give me brand-new plastic holders?.

Bath and Body functions Cons: Unhappy through product.

Location: Vero Beach, Florida


evaluation #612852 is a subjective opinion that Quint Hul that Sebastian, FL .

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cg-tower.com2070488 Sep 30, 2021 #2070488

Same thing is happening come me! the worked good the an initial two days for this reason I actually bought 3 much more and 10 refills thinking it would proceed working like that yet after it gained down a centimeter ns lost all of the scent.

This occurred with every the wallflowers to. I’m hoping I find a way to settle it since they smell great when they perform work.

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cg-tower.com2069400 Sep 28, 2021 #2069400


Since they changed companies!’ THEY are WATERED DOWN!! & ns REFUSE come BUY ANYMORE!!

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Jorgia Wur Sep 13, 2021 #2061618

My pumpkin snickerdoodle wallflowers space amazing and also smell them strong after a week. Very same with the leaves scent and Turquoise Waters

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cg-tower.com2034207 Jul 12, 2021 #2034207

I have the same problem. As soon as I put them in they job-related for around an hour. Then nothing.

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cg-tower.com2024595 Jun 17, 2021 #2024595

Can’t the waiting fresher bottle opened. My husband make the efforts WTF.

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cg-tower.com2022492 Jun 11, 2021 #2022492

I entirely agree with these customers. The scents room invisible.

I put 3 in mine bedroom and cannot smell them. Ns will never ever buy lock again.

And i bought 20on line. What a waste of money.

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cg-tower.com2012113 may 11, 2021 #2012113

I have about 3 the don’t work-related these are not cheap so ns am mad also

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Kim Feb 28, 2021 #1988070

Mine are the same, I placed in honeysuckle and could odor it for possibly an hour, now I can"t smell it at all, also if i smell it at the plug, it"s barely noticeable, this is with every one of them, I"m sure bath and body are tired of me complaining yet enough is enough

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cg-tower.com1986908 Feb 25, 2021 #1986908

I believed I to be the only person having this problem....Good to recognize I"m not.....Bath and Body Works have to be awkward of us for marketing such a Faulty Product....Everyone can"t be wrong..... Human being spend A lot of money in there Stores.....We need to Boycott!

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cg-tower.com1971840 january 11, 2021 #1971840

Same here! ns bought brand new wall plug in’s and also brand brand-new fragrances and still no smell.

I am over it!

And I have tried because that a year now and they don’t work. Not wasting any an ext money.

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cg-tower.com1959377 Dec 06, 2020 #1959377

I wonder if probably we room all just obtaining used to the smells and that"s why we aren"t noticing? appears like as soon as I put a brand-new oil in that smells great for a couple of days then I avoid smelling it

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Alonso Nov 07, 2020 #1946953

I have actually plug-ins in every room of my house. ONE works!

The rest do not job-related at all.

I additionally have 32 refills ns purchased ~ above sale. Everything is walking back.

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Shina Oct 27, 2020 #1942357

I have the same problem. They work-related for one day. Ns tried new holders and also sane issue.

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MrsAPowell Oct 18, 2020 #1938334

I am so happy to check out that ns am not crazy! end a solid year of to buy them and also having to take 80% ago because after 1-2 weeks I perform not smell them in ~ ALL.

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I literally obtained online now to look up "Bath and also Body functions Wallflower refills losing their scent/throw fast!". I bought Fresh loss Morning and also it"s throw and also smell were amazing... Because that no an ext than 1-2 weeks! I also make a suggest to unplug lock for number of days at a time and still cannot odor them at all once I plug them earlier in!

Not to point out I have actually 3 Wallflower Plugs ($16.50 each) all with the exact same scent (another $7.50 every that"s $72.00) every in my open living room/kitchen/dining room going and also still cannot smell them! This is clear a rip off! i am going to stick to your candles and body products from here on out. Also, their scent portables have additionally lost your throw.

I keep wondering if it"s since of the necessary oils? Idk, but what ns do recognize is these things are already too expensive so come not occupational on peak of that!

It"s infuriating! *Frosted Cranberry was an additional of my faves that shed it"s scent way too quickly even though I had 3 walk in my same Kitchen, Livingroom & dining room!