In basketball, if you obtain the ball throughout the opening guideline off, the other team it s okay the sphere at the begin of the 2nd and 3rd quarter and also you only acquire the round at the begin of the fourth quarter.

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So over there is no advantage to to win the opening guideline off and no disadvantage to losing the guideline off because both teams start with the ball an same amount of times. If that"s the case, why also have a reminder off? Why not just start the game the same method you"d start every other quarter?



In FIBA rules, and also assuming no other occasion caused a jump sphere situation, then the possession in ~ the start of the next periods would certainly be.

team A wins Jump:Team B starts 2nd period.Team A Starts third period.Team B Starts fourth period.(Not A, B, B, A) as asserted in question.

There space 2 factors why winning the reminder is useful

leading versus chasing (can be thought about an advantage, very first to score)as teams alternative possession and also therefore the chance to shoot, the clock in that period counts down. It can be that Team A began the duration and additionally had the last opportunity to shoot in a period. Uneven variety of possessions. Run ball situations normally do happen so the appropriate to start the last duration may finish up team A again.

So having first possession is a little advantage.


the end of sheer curiosity, execute you have any type of stats the correlates winning the tip-off and also scoring first?
If girlfriend look in ~ probability models over there is a weight on importance of each 4 minutes 1 of the game. The 4th quarter has almost a 40% affect on the game (when it must be 25%). I don"t psychic the exact percentage and also it wasn"t memorable yet having an extra possession in the 4th quarter led to an increase in success probability in close gamings - threshold is 10 points ns think - and a comprehensive increase in probability in even games.

So the reminder off method almost nothing to stat geeks that occupational for groups for the an initial quarter possession but the fourth quarter possession is valued so high that it makes it an important thing because that a most teams. Now there space still a lot of NBA groups that half-ass the tipoff because they aren"t searching for the .85% (just making the up) edge yet other teams execute care.

I know this is an ext of a comment however just as well long however maybe someone deserve to reference the MIT write-up that i read about this a few years ago. But to amount it increase the later in the game you gain the much more valuable possessions are in their correlation to win probability and also you can"t get later 보다 the fourth quarter.

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In other leagues - not NBA - that us alternating possessions the guideline off is even an ext important because it is a half possession benefit per game. Any type of coach would desire a .55 suggest lead.