This is a great question and also a full answer would certainly take a career in chemistry, however I"ll shot to offer you a shorter answer. Have you studied the framework of one atom yet?

one atom is written of neutrons, protons, and electrons. Because that a an excellent introduction see: atom.

The neutrons and also protons space in the facility of the atom and the electrons "orbit" approximately the outside. Electrons execute not orbit precisely the means the moon orbits the earth, yet if girlfriend think of it that way to start with, it works.

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All chemical reactions occur in between the electron of different atoms. once an atom has specific numbers of electrons approximately it, that is much more stable - 2, 10, 18, and so on .

If you look in ~ a regular table, you watch that this numbers correspond to the appropriate hand next -- the noble gases -- these space very no reactive. They have actually a stable number of electrons and do not have to react with other atoms. All other atoms have less stable electron numbers, therefore they react v each other and share electrons to be much more stable. The many reactive aspects tend to be short one or 2 electron or have one or two extra. for instance, fluorine (9) and also chlorine (17) are brief one electron from gift the many stable and they are an extremely reactive! sodium (11) and also Potassium (19) have actually extra electrons and also are really reactive. All the rest of the aspects in between are less than perfectly stable, for this reason they react v each other to various degrees.

Understanding all the factors behind the various intermediate reactivities is wherein the career in chemistry come in. You room on your way.

Answer 2:

The reason that different facets have different levels the reactivity has to do through the framework of the atoms themselves.

An atom is make of protons, neutrons and also electrons. The neutrons and also protons room bundled increase in the cell nucleus or center of the atom. The electrons at the same time fly about the nucleus in a large cloud. that might assist to think the electrons as social tiny creatures. They don"t like to it is in alone.

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Highly reactive elements like the people on the left next of the routine table have a lonely electron paris around by itself so it wants to make friends and also react with the electron from other atoms. Non-reactive elements like those on the ideal of the routine table have nice happy family members of electrons that don"t must make any brand-new friends. every little thing in the center is what in between. Also, together you go under the routine chart, the elements get bigger so the outer electrons get further away native the nucleus. This way that they are even an ext "friendly" and also they really desire to react. For this reason in general, the aside from that down and also left you go, the an ext reactive the element will be. Of food there space exceptions to this rule, too!