Which that the following statements accurately explains how a modem works? (Select two.)A it demodulates analog data native a phone call network right into digital computer data.B it transmits digital signal over ordinary telephone copper wiring in ~ a price up come 128 Kbps.C the modulates digital data indigenous the PC into analog data and transmits the on a telephone network.D that communicates over a telephone network making use of digital signals.E it modulates digital data indigenous a call network right into analog data the a PC can use.F it demodulates analog pc data right into digital data that deserve to betransfer v a call network.

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A that demodulates analog data from a phone call network into digital pc data.C that modulates digital data indigenous the PC right into analog data and also transmits that on a telephone network.

What form of module could a switch usage to enable it to modify the media kind supported through a move port? (Selecttwo.)A MPLSB SFPC OC-XD GBIC

Which of the following is a precious MAC address?A FABC.875E.9BG6C 95ABC2F4.ABC5.569D.43BFD AB.07.CF.62.16.BD

A organize wants come send a post to one more host v the IP attend to IP does not recognize the hardwareaddress the the location device. Which protocol deserve to be used to find the MAC address?A BoorpB DHCPC ICMPD ousE IGMPF ARP

You have actually a server that has actually a 100BaseFX network interface card the you require to connect to a switch. The switch onlyhas 100BaseTX switch ports.Which machine should you use?A Media converterB BridgeC RepeaterD HubE Gateway

Which the the following is true about the MAC address? (Select two.)A the is typically represented by octets of decimal numbers between 0-255.B it is a 48-bit address.C the is a 32-blt address.D it is a 64-blt address.E the is frequently represented through hexadecimal numbers.

Which network component connects a device with the infection media and allows it come send and also receivemessages?A ClientB Network interface cardC PeripheralD ProtocolE Server

Which of the following ideal describes how a move functions?A that connects multiple cable segment (or devices), and also forwards frames to the suitable segment.B the connects multiple segments of different architectures. It equates frames, and also broadcasts lock to all of itsports.C it connects lot of cable segment (or devices), and also broadcasts frames to every one of its ports.D that connects multiple segment of different architectures. It equates frames, and forwards them come theappropriate segment.

Which the the following tools operate in ~ OSI model layer Z? (Select two.)A RepeaterB RouterC FirewallD switchE HubF Network user interface card

Which 3 of the following tools operate in ~ the Data link layer that the OSI model?A RoutersB Network user interface cards (NICs)C HubsD BridgesE SwitchesF Repeaters

Which that the following devices is supplied on a LAN and offers guarantee bandwidth to every port?A RouterB switchC Bridge

Your agency purchases a brand-new bridge, which filter packets based on the MAC deal with of the location computer.On i beg your pardon layer that the OSI version is this device functioning?A PresentationB SessionC TransportD Data Link

An 8-port move receives a structure on port number 1. The structure is handle to an unknown device. What will certainly theswitch do?A Send the frame out the destination port.B drop the frame.C Send the frame out all 8 ports.D Send the structure out port 2-8.

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Which of the complying with hardware gadgets regenerates a signal out all associated ports without examining the framework orpacket contents? (Select two.)A GatewayB RepeaterC switchD HubE BridgeF Router

How perform switches and bridges learn where gadgets are located on a network?A as soon as a structure enters a port, the resource IP resolve is copied from the framework header.B when a structure enters a port, the resource MAC address is copied from the structure header.C as soon as a structure enters a port, the destination IP attend to is duplicated from the framework header.D once a structure enters a port, the location MAC attend to is duplicated from framework header.

An access point that conforms to the IEEE 802.11b conventional acts most carefully to what other networking device?A HubB GatewayC patch bayD RouterE Terminal

At what OSI layer does a router operate to forward network messages?A SessionB TransportC NetworkD PhysicalE Data Link

Which of the following hardware tools links many networks and also directs traffic between networks?A RepeaterB BridgeC HubD Router

You room the administrator of your company"s network. You want to protect against unauthorized accessibility to your intranet indigenous Internet. I m sorry of the adhering to should girlfriend implement?A ICSB FirewallC Proxy serverD Packet web Groper

You room the network administrator because that a small organization. Recently, you contracted through an ISP to connect yourorganization"s network to the web to administer users with net access. Because doing so, it has concerned yourattention that an intruder has invaded your network native the web on three different occasions.What form of network hardware should you carry out to stop this native happening again?A csu/DsuB RouterC FirewallD switchE HubF Proxy server

Which 2 of the complying with tasks execute routers perform?A Control access to the infection mediaB Multiplex signals onto the very same transmission mediaC preserve information about paths through an internetworkD path data based on logical network addressesE route data based on hardware maker addressesF Identify gadgets through hardware addresses

C maintain information about paths v an internetworkD route data based upon logical network addresses

Which that the following is the best an equipment to deploy to safeguard your exclusive network indigenous a windy untrusted network?A GatewayB RouterC FirewallD Hub