"At the beginning""In the beginning"

valid and also equivalent? The an initial "seems wrong" to me, but it has more Google results.

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They room valid but not interchangeable. I think the most important distinction is the "in the beginning" appears to be an expression explicate a whole duration of time, when "at the beginning" more literally defines a solitary moment in time, comparable to the difference between saying "in the morning" and "at 8 a.m."

Compare your concern to "in the end" versus "at the end." "In the end" is an idiom synonymous with "ultimately." There"s a clear distinction. Ns think the same have the right to be claimed for "in the beginning"/"at the beginning."


"In the beginning" space the 3 words that open up the book of Genesis in the Bible. For Christians, the phrase conveys that extr sense of an origination.

"At the beginning" by itself simply sounds incomplete to my ear. At the beginning of what?


Firstly, the translate of those phrases more than likely differs between locations and cultures (American cg-tower.com as opposed to British cg-tower.com etc").

Personally, it appears to me that "in the beginning" describes time and also "at the beginning" refers to placement.Often they might be casually interchanged v a figurative allusion to the other meaning.

For example:"at the start of the book" ,IMHO, emphasizes an ext the ar (first pages/chapter etc") when "in the start of the book" emphasizes much more that it"s early on relevant come what is happening in the book.

For most uses, ns think making use of "at" sounds better and I"d be much more likely to usage it, even if it is according to what i wrote below or much less pedantically.


In the beginning is usually desired alone and also followed by a comma. Yet at the beginning is used along with a noun such as year, book, century, present ..etc.. ;) E.g.In the beginning, God produced (etc...)At the start OF TIME, God created

At the start of the publication ...

At the start of the semester ...

At the start of my speech ...

These room all fine and also unremarkable.

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Ive always thought that as soon as using phrases prefer these, it"s much better to use "in" as soon as referring to time, and also "at" as soon as referring to a place. :) but I could be wrong. However, "at" could likewise be correct since technically, "At the beginning of mine answer..." could be taken into consideration a "place in time". Therefore I think they space both valid ways of speak it.

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