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The Boys current here a distinguishable portrait of online hopelessness, including assorted instances that cause it and also assorted reaction to it. However there continues to be one final thing to understand onto, one final hope: because that a miracle.

In what seems at very first a somewhat daunting lyric, yet one that clarifies itself with recurring reading/hearing, Neil paints a portrait that a human being (or multiple portraits of several people) because that whom life has actually not gone as planned. The sings of exactly how this have the right to leave you emotion "disqualified, through no room because that manoeuvre," v nowhere to turn and also nowhere come go. Only there"s quiet the opportunity of a "miracle"—a positive turn that circumstances and also events the can"t be explained except through magnificent intervention, or at the very least what seems favor it.

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Neil"s lyric alludes subsequently to loneliness, lack of love, joblessness (or at the very least a bad job), expert failure, obscurity, poverty, and also homelessness, all situations that can an extremely easily lead one come a feeling of hopelessness:

When nobody loves you Nobody requirements you You"re out right here on your own Who have the right to you rotate to? Where can you operation to?

After every other opportunities are exhausted, all you"re left with is the opportunity of the miracle to revolve your life around:

Everyone loves girlfriend Everyone demands you You"ve got what it takes You"re almost everywhere now You have actually the know-how and also all the money the makes

In a spoken aside in ~ the finish of the song, Neil asserts, "It"s to be this way since life began / The child stays on within the man," arguing bleakly—though perhaps wisely together constructive criticism—that such miracle-longing is at some point childish.

At least, that"s my interpretation. Neil, however, had actually other principles in mind. "It"s around Tony Blair," in speaking around this track with interviewer will Hodgkinson for The Sunday Times. "He won 3 elections and yet that has end up being reviled for making a mistake over the Iraq war. That puts a brave challenge on it, yet he must hope because that a miracle the perceptions will change." so it thereby joins "I gain Along," "I"m through Stupid," and also "Legacy" in the perform of PSB song avowedly inspired by the former Prime Minister and also Labour Party leader.

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for this reason far, at least as much as i know, the pet Shop guys haven"t revealed what the "synth voice" near the beginning of the song (starting at around the 0:08 mark), recurring a few other times later on on, is singing. It"s rather distorted and also uncertain. However fans, based upon their very own hearing, have offered various "interpretations" the what the voice is singing, among them: "Dog eat dog world" "Falling the end of luck" "Stop me going on" "Can"t store going on"

Mind you, this are just guesses. However until us hear native Neil and/or Chris around it, guesses space all us have.

"A meadow in Oxford whereby you satellite in the sun" – This line, complied with by "Those to be the days, you had actually just begun," shows that the person Neil is addressing did at once have high prospects, the Oxford locale pointing come the university of Oxford, among the world"s many prestigious universities. Also such promising individuals can face turnabouts in their resides that leave them, too, hopeless. Harkening ago to Neil"s statement the this song is about Tony Blair, this line can refer to as soon as Blair learned at Oxford. In addition, one of my website visitors has provided that this line echoes a step from Evelyn Waugh"s famous 1945 novel Brideshead Revisited in i m sorry the narrator, Charles Ryder, and his doomed (eventually alcoholic) girlfriend Sebastian Flyte (later in the novel explained as being "in love v his very own childhood") sit in an Oxford meadow drink white wine and eating strawberries. Even if it is this is an intended or inadvertently echo is anyone"s guess. "Firing verbal shots like a Tommy Gun" – developed by man T. Thompson in the eaerly 1900s, the Thompson submachine gun came to be popularly known as a "Tommy Gun." The imagery that "firing linguistic shots favor a Tommy Gun" suggests the aimless, scattershot technique of utilizing a submachine gun, desperately hoping to fight something. Or it could just as readily indicate a very intelligtent human being who spits out principles so swiftly that because that the listener it"s favor being top top the receiving end of machine-gun fire. "A son of the sun" – A possible allusion to an ancient myth explaining the beginning of sex-related orientation as articulated by the Greek philospher Plato in his Symposium, written circa 380 B.C. Follow to this myth, prehistoric human beings were split into 3 genders: androgynes (Children of the Moon), masculine (Children the the Sun), and also female (Children of the Earth). But because of their arrogance and impiety, the gods punished castle by separating them every in two, dooming them every perpetually to look for their previous "other half." The former youngsters of the Sun ended up being homosexual guys ("male halves" looking for their various other "male halves"); the former youngsters of the Earth came to be lesbians ("female halves" searching for their other "female halves"); and the former kids of the Moon became heterosexuals ("male halves" and also "female halves" in search of each other). If Neil is indeed drawing from Plato"s Symposium for this reference, can the "child the the sun" in this song be thus interpreted as a happy man? To it is in sure, this may not have to be the case; "child that the sun" might simply it is in a poetic method of explicate the protagonist that the song, or at the very least what he or she would certainly like come be, and also any link to Plato could be purely coincidental. One site visitor has suggested that "A kid of the sun" could also be a pun alluding come the reality that the generally conservative U.K. Newspaper The Sun switched sides for the 1997 basic election and threw its support behind Tony Blair, the labour candidate. Complying with Labour"s success in the election, elevating Blair to the position of element Minister, plenty of observers cited the suppport of The Sun as a significant contributing factor. In this way, Blair can indeed be "a son of The Sun." "Could they beam you the end of here?" – An application of the "future slang" terminology used in the science-fiction "Star Trek universe" to refer to transporter technology, which permits people to be transported across large distances practically instantaneously. As an instance of sci-fi technology, it qualifes together "miraculous" in accordance v the writer Arthur C. Clarke"s well known dictum, "Any saturated advanced modern technology is equivalent from magic." In the paper definition of the song, the course, it explains in a somewhat flippant way a desire because that a miraculous escape native a dire situation—which, not coincidentally, is specifically how transporter technology was typically used on Star Trek. It"s possible—but through no means necessarily true—that the Boys might in this track be drawing upon or alluding to the pop traditional "A Foggy work (in London Town)" by George and Ira Gershwin, introduced in the 1937 film A Damsel in Distress, in which it was sung by Fred Astaire. It was subsequently covered by many artists, including Frank Sinatra and, possibly significantly, David Bowie ~ above the 1998 AIDS-charity Gershwin tribute album Red hot + Rhapsody: The Gershwin Groove. In the Gershwin song, the narrator sings that feeling down in the dumps, his mood only exacerbated through the gloominess the London"s well known fog, every the when hoping the "the age of miracles hadn"t passed." together it therefore happens, however, that hadn"t: "For all of sudden I experienced you over there / and also through foggy London city / The sun was shining everywhere."


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