Years: 1861, 1862, 1863, 1875, 1878, 1880, 1882, 1886, 1891, 1896, 1899, 1902, 1923, 1928
Types: Federal Reserve financial institution Notes, legit Tenders, silver- Certificates & yellow Certificates
Denomination: Five Dollar Bill

When make the efforts to number the value the old $5 bills its crucial to at least recognize some basic concepts. Prior to you sell your old currency, whether it’s to united state or someone else, you desire to educate you yourself so you don’t gain ripped off once selling her bills. It’s simple to gain cheated, that’s why we put together this guide so the public have the right to become more educated.

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If girlfriend don’t desire to invest the time reading this thorough guide, contact us with clear images of your banknotes and we’ll respond come you in ~ 24 hours.


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The an initial year the commonwealth Reserve financial institution of United claims printed $5 bills remained in 1862. These $5 bills to be called large size legal tender bills, and also today they can be very an useful if their problem is good. This guide covers $5 invoice from 1862 every the way up to 1923. Five dollar bills from 1923 are dubbed Porthole notes, and also their worth starts at a few hundred for poor conditions and thousands for great conditions. In part instances, bills v rare serial numbers will certainly make the bills worth a lot more. We wrote a entirety guide on fancy serial number you have the right to view here.

Different years may come with different serial number colors and seal types. Please call us straight if you’re interested in knowing the worth of your $5 financial institution note or if you are looking to sell.

Below is a table that gives relatively great estimates when it comes to determining the value of modern-type $5 receipt today. Together you deserve to see, prices variety anywhere native $5 to over $14,000. In rare instances, we’ve paid end $40,000 for unique national financial institution note $5 bills. It certainly does happen.

$5 Notes

SeriesSealAverage ConditionUncUnc Star
1928Red$8 – $15$75$200
1928ARed$10 – $15$125$2,000
1928BRed$10 – $15$40$350
1928CRed$10 – $15$50$300
1928DRed$10 – $15$350$1,750
1928ERed$10 – $15$50$375
1928FRed$10 – $15$35$250
1929Brown$10 – $350$150 – $4,500$14,000+
1953,A,B,CRed$5 – $10$20 – $50$75 – $100
1963Red$5 – $10$20$30
1934,ABlue$8 – $12$25 – $35$200 – $350+
1934,A (Hawaii)Brown$30 – $50$250+$2,000 – $6,000
1934A (N. Africa)Yellow$10 – $25$250+$500
1934B,CBlue$10 – $12$40 – $50$150 – $250
1934DBlue$8 – $10$25$75
1953,ABlue$5 – $10$20$30 – $40
1953BBlue$5 – $10$25$3,000+
1928,AGreen$10 – $40$100 – $150$750 – $1,000
1928CGreen$200 – $750$2,000+Rare
1928DGreen$250 – $800$2,500+Rare
1934,A,BGreen$5 – $12$30 – $50$125 – $225
1934C,DGreen$5 – $12$30 – $50$125 – $225
1950Green$25$50 – $60$125 – $500
1950A,B,CGreen$5 – $10$15 – $25$40 – $125
1963,AGreen$5 – $8$12 – $20$30 – $40
1969,A,B,CGreen$5 – $12$12 – $20$30 – $85
1977,AGreen$5$10$12 – $25
1981,AGreen$5$10$35 – $50

In this guide, friend will:

Know how much one old $5 bill is worth, see pictures of what a real $5 watch like, recognize when the $5 invoice was discontinued and taken the end of circulation, where you have the right to sell vintage $5 bills, and where you have the right to purchase old $5 bills.

It’s clear that antique $5 bills have the right to be worth much more than a dollar, oftentimes much, much more. Condition matters once determining any type of collectible currencies’ value. The goal of this page is to help you figure the end what you have in your collection, and also how much its really worth.

We’ve been dealing and also collecting with collectible paper money because that over 25 years and also consider ourselves to be the the strongest buyers across the entire United States.

While we space particularly devoted in high denomination bank notes, ($500, $1,000, $5,000, & $10,000 … correct they exist!) we have a strong understanding of industry values for all types of paper money. Whether her bill has actually a red seal (Legal Tender), blue seal (Silver Certificate), yellow seal (Gold Certificate), or green seal (Federal reserve Note) us are below to assist make certain you come to be educated about high denomination paper money.

With all this gift said, you may still be unsure of exactly how to acquire started. We recognize from a fresh perspective this concepts and also “currency lingo” have the right to be a little intimidating in ~ first, and that’s why we’ve produced this guide.

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Disclaimer: Do not loss victim to offering your valuable collection come a neighborhood pawn or coin shop that will certainly rob because that what your paper money is really worth. Call a document money expert before selling any kind of currency friend own.