Glee simply released their newest promo because that the final season, featuring Lea Michele’s powerhouse vocals for “Let it Go,” the Frozen song Idina mesh gel originated, and we couldn’t help but be reminded of just how comparable these 2 leading females are.

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And the isn’t just their strikingly comparable looks. Menzel and Michele additionally have a lot of personality and also career characteristics in common, too.

1. They both come native Broadway

Menzel started singing at period 15, and her career quickly took off from there. She has had plenty of notable functions throughout her career, including Maureen Johnson in Rent, Sheila in Hair and Elphaba in Wicked.

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Michele got her Broadway begin at a lot younger age, play Young Cosette in Les Misérables at period 8. Her many notable duty was together Wendla Bergmann in Spring Awakening.

2. Menzel played Michele’s mommy on Glee

Ryan Murphy clearly saw the similarities between the two due to the fact that he cast Menzel as Michele’s mommy on Glee after ~ Menzel got to out come the creator due to the fact that she thought the pairing would be a perfect fit.

3. They can both belt the end a ballad

As crazy talented sopranos, these ladies don’t hold back. And they song a the majority of the same tunes together well: “Defying Gravity” native Wicked, “Don’t Rain On mine Parade” from Funny Girl and “Take Me or leave Me” from Rent, just to surname a few.

4. Castle look alike… a lot of alike


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5. They space both from brand-new York

Menzel was born in Syosset, new York, and also grew increase there.

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Michele was born in the Bronx, brand-new York, and though her family members moved to new Jersey after ~ a few years, they stayed in the area and even rented a Manhattan apartment for once Michele was performing top top Broadway.

6. Their albums both charted top top Billboard this year

Michele exit her an initial solo album Louder in march 2014. That debuted at No. 4 top top the Billboard 200 chart.

Menzel additionally released an album this year, her an initial in 6 years, referred to as Holiday Wishes. It reached No. 10 top top the Billboard 200 chart.

7. They both dreamy a dream

8. Castle both work closely with charities

Menzel support arts education through her company A BroaderWay foundation and LGBT legal rights through establishments like The Trevor Project and also the NOH8 Campaign.

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Michele likewise works actively with a number of philanthropic establishments like Habitat because that Humanity, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and The Jonsson Cancer facility Foundation.

9. The Funny Girl connection

Menzel play Fanny Brice in the Funny Girl concert in 2002, a role that was initially played by Barbra Streisand in the 1968 movie.

Michele has actually been vocal about her love the Barbra Streisand. The love also translates to her character Rachel Barry in Glee. Over there are also talks the Murphy and also Michele want to bring Funny Girl earlier to the stage together, v Michele in the lead.

10. They’ve each obtained a ton the accolades

Menzel winner the Tony for best Performance by one Actress in a Leading function in a musical in 2004 for she performance together Elphaba in the Broadway rendition the Wicked. She has been nominated for her functions in Rent and If/Then. Her track “Let that Go” from Frozen additionally won the 2014 Academy award for ideal Original Song.

Michele, top top the other hand, received two golden Globe award nominations for ideal Actress in a TV Series, musical or Comedy because that her role on Glee. That function also earned her an Emmy award nomination. She winner a Satellite Award, a display Actors Guild Award and three People’s selection Awards.

11. They are both recovering from tough relationship challenges

Menzel break-up with her husband the 10 years, Taye Diggs, in 2013. The couple has one kid together named Walker. Though Diggs claimed this previous summer the he and also Menzel still have a lot of to figure out together, he made his an initial public appearance through his new girlfriend ~ above June 29 in ~ the gambling awards.

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Michele was date her Glee costar Cory Monteith, who died last year from an overdose. The pair officially announced their partnership in February 2012 after months of speculation. Monteith died on July 13, 2013 and Michele was supposedly inconsolable. Because his death, the actress has publicly make multiple touching tributes to Monteith, consisting of a track from her album dubbed “If You speak So.”

12. Lock know how to “Let the Go” last season of Glee premieres Jan. 9 top top Fox.