Correct me if I"m dorn (I don"t remember too much around the film), yet didn"t lock convey in one scene the they weren"t the genuine Jack and also Jill? as soon as Puss to be thrown in jail, he started talking come that other prisoner, and he began mentioning things about beanstalks and also whatnot. I could"ve sworn that when he provided his name, he finished with something choose "Everyone simply knows me as "Jack"". ...Or did i misinterpret every one of that?

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I think you room incorrect. In the fairy tale world... There room two guys named Jack. An initial Jack is indigenous the fairy tale of Jack and Jill (I have no idea why they room southern) though. But hey, puss is spanish... So that am i to question?The 2nd Jack is from JAck and the Beanstalk, i assumed his beans were stolen far from him. And then Jack ended up in prison.
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*Facepalm* ns swear, ns am dumb.
I completely forgot all about that. It"s been such a lengthy time due to the fact that I"ve heard any fairy tales or anything prefer that, so i forgot around Jack and also Jill and also the Jack native the Beanstalk. I heard the surname "Jack", and fully forgot that they were talking about two separate tales.Thanks for correcting me~
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I think the nursery happiness goes choose this:Jack and also Jill went increase the hillTo having a pail that water.Jack fell down and broke his crown,And Jill come tumbling after.Up Jack got, and home walk trot,As rapid as he can caper,To old Dame Dob, who patched his nobWith vinegar and brown paper.Though there space a most interpretations regarding who the "real" Jack and also Jill were, the happiness doesn"t actually indicate that they"re brother and also sister.
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One would certainly assume the they are siblings because they room doing chores together. However the civilization of Dreamworks deserve to move things roughly if they have to.Also, there is Jack Sprat. And Jack B. Nimble. A lot of Jacks.

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