After Monday’s illustration of Shadowhunters, I’m thinking Maury Povich must be do an honorary member the the Clave.

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Following critical week’s huge paternity expose — Clary was ultimately told that she isn’t Jace’s sister, after every — tonight’s episode shown that Jace is in reality from the Herondale bloodline. An ext specifically, he’s the grandson of Imogen (aka the Inquisitor)!


Elsewhere, Izzy’s attempt to assist Simon shower Raphael turn off his earlier took an amazing turn as soon as the duo chatted through Raphael’s (seemingly) enlarge sister, that implied the Izzy and Simon would certainly make a an excellent couple. (I think we have a #Sizzy ‘shipper on ours hands!)

Of course, the actual drama of this week’s episode come from Magnus and Valentine’s adventures in body swapping. Though their souls were ultimately returned come the correct meat bags, the experience left its mark — so come speak — ~ above Magnus, that relived horrific childhood memory while gift tortured v the agony rune.

“He has actually a rally troubled history, so building upon the is really important,” take care of Shum Jr. Tells of Magnus’ background, i beg your pardon will proceed to be discover this season. “It’s not something he want to revisit. And it will definitely impact his storyline with Alec, hope bringing castle closer together and giving castle a deeper expertise of one another. Alec is walking to end up being much more sympathetic come life as a Downworlder.”

And if you picked up top top a tiny tension between Alec and also Magnus in their final scene together, don’t worry, you’re nottotallyinsane.

“When you revisit a an overwhelming childhood memory or a traumatizing experience, friend sometimes end up redirecting your feelings about it,” Shum Jr. Explains. “You can’t constantly say ‘This is what ns went through’ and also move on. The disappointed lies in once other human being don’t recognize why you’re acting a particular way.”

As because that Sebastian — who helped Clary tap right into her true strength this week, before being turned down for a day with her — don’t expect to see Magnus warming up to him any type of time soon.

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“Magnus doesn’t to trust any Shadowhunter,” Shum Jr. Reminds us, save for his brooding boyfriend. “So I would say a huge fat no best now. The might readjust over tim. We’ll see.”

Your think on this week’s developments? wishes for the remainder of Season 2B?Drop ’em in a comment below.