2011 saw the relax of the dual-purpose Arctic Cat XC 450. Intended to change the DVX 400, this mid-size an equipment targeted entertain riders and in-training aggro-drivers. Maintenance-free suspension bushings, big fuel capacity, and a sealed driveshaft are just some that the premium attributes that do the XC a primary choice for practicing ~ above those big jumps and cornering angles.

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The Arctic Cat XC 450 is Arctic Cat’s first-ever crossover 4×4 that speaks speed and also dependability. That is low center of gravity, impressive towing capabilities, electronic Fuel Injection, and also FIS suspension mechanism make this sporty quad the ultimate ride because that beginner racers and adventurers.

Capable, fast, and promising, numerous enthusiasts wished the a larger engine came with the Arctic Cat XC 450. They believed that the XC had the makings the a quad that could contend head-to-head v big-bore giants. If this remained many an off-roader’s wishful thinking, the XC 450 still delivered satisfactory power in the standard form – together you will soon find in this article.

The absence of a carburetor dramatically diminished the counting of engine-related problems for the XC 450. However, there space still problems to be intended from other materials of the vehicle. Right here are some points you have to look the end for, specifically with pre-loved units:

2011 and 2012 Recall

On November 10, 2011, about 1,384 Arctic Cat XC 450 systems were recalled by the American firm as result of the steering tierod’s propensity to bend, resulting in loss of control and also potential rider hazard. At the moment of the recall, Arctic Cat has received only three reports of bend tie-rod incidents, through no injury reports. Consequently, the tie-rod problem has been addressed and was no much longer existent top top 2013 models onward.

Defective Actuator

Like other mid-size Arctic Cat models, this concern is additionally prevalent top top the XC 450. If nouveau Cat owners may be left puzzled, mechanically-inclined riders will discover ruling the end actuator versus electrical and resolving the concern manageable. Page 91 that your company manual will instruct you on how to eliminate the front-drive actuator for inspection. Inspecting the component should be excellent on optimal of to run tests because that the fuse, power, ignition, and switch. If every one of these individual components inspect out, girlfriend will must replace the actuator, as it is no serviceable.

Chronic Stalling

There are just one of 4 things come blame if you an alert that her four-wheeler conveniently stalls:

Fouled spark plugCrank edge sensor failureFaulty ECUOut-of-adjustment valve clearance

Out of all these causes, the first and last space the easiest (and the very least expensive) items to settle – every you need to do is clean the plug and readjust the valve clearance follow to spec. The faulty ECU/ECM is nice pricey and also would cost you anywhere between $150 and $700, depending upon whether you need to have actually it tested and also inspected, repaired, or entirely reprogrammed. The crank edge sensor coming to be defective is probably the trickiest to resolve, together you will have to narrow under what has actually caused it come fail.

In many cases, one of two people an overheating engine or circuitry problems can cause your crank place sensor to fail. Additionally, this probable reason may take place alongside other symptoms such as CEL coming on, uneven acceleration, misfiring or engine vibrations, unstable idling, or diminished gas mileage. Having a experienced technician examine your quad the minute you doubt this trouble is an important to maintaining the appropriate functionality of her EFI and, ultimately, your engine.

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About Textron

Textron Inc. Is a Fortune-500 US-based commercial corporation renowned for its Cessna aircraft, snowmobiles, and also all-terrain vehicles. Its product offerings include gas/electric/hybrid-powered off-road vehicles such as the Prowler, Stampede™, Havoc™, Wildcat™, and also Alterra™ side x side and ATV series. Personal from being the parent company of Arctic Cat Inc. And also the maker of the Arctic Cat XC 450 Crossover 4×4, Textron also has Avco, Bell helicopters, Lycoming Engines, TUG, McDonald Douglas, bad Boy Buggies, and Greenlee tools, and 10 various other subsidiaries under that is wing. Today, the American firm has actually over $14B in complete assets and also 37,000 employee worldwide.

Conclusion – Arctic Cat XC 450 Review

The Arctic Cat XC 450 is a good crossover quad come have. You gain a recreational wheeler, a small hauler, and also a racing ATV all in one automobile – without the premium price. Yes, the does have areas for improvement, with numerous owners finding its 600-lb dry load and absence of a differential lock a little bit of a drawback. Yet all things taken into consideration – if you want 4WD capacity that comes in a sporty chassis, then the Arctic Cat XC 450 is for you!