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So, I see this chick in an illustration of Emergency! and I"m thinking, wow, Paula Prentiss, cool, but...why Emergency!? So, it"s like, a huge role, right, 3 segments, and also she"s funny together hell in all of them (Preston wood script, and also oh btw the other huge running plot is the Boot is sick, and also there is some crazyass ensemble work-related with the one as well, and also as a show-business aside, have any kind of of you ever before met a dog"s agent? What kind of a guy is that gonna be anyway?) only...the finish credits roll and also I see that it"s Ann Prentiss, not Paula. I never ever heard that no Ann Prentiss, the would describe why Emergency!? since it"s Ann Prentiss and not Paula Prentiss, however how was i to know that? ns guess that"s why there room credits available to and also for the discerning viewer, eh? therefore we have the right to learn.

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So, turn off to the internet (everybody else I recognize is asleep right now), and yes, Ann, not Paula, and guess what - Ann passed away in prison after gift convicted of assault and for soliciting the murder of her father and also her brother in legislation Richard Benjamin (not that Richard Benjamin hasn"t acquired on mine nerves over the years, however geez...otoh, he"s not household so i don"t watch him regularly...still - not allowable through law, andd legislation trumps all, floor of the free, nation of laws end of story, roll credits again, please).

Anyway, this is the sort of thing, like, SO happy it"s no happening to me, and since it"s not, let"s pry a small further...internet, go do your thing fetch, internet, fetch...GOOD BOY!!!

And the did not take lengthy at every to find this:http://mediafunhouse.blogspot.com/2010/07/sisterly-menace-deceased-artiste-ann.html v the good line:

Sometimes one obit’s juiciest, strangest details are included at the end.

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I know from mine days of analysis obituaries searching for unintentional feeling that this is so often true. However, together if favor life mirroring fact in web form, the following click take it me here: http://www.datalounge.com/cgi-bin/iowa/ajax.html?t=10104520#page:showThread,10104520 wherein it need to be claimed that the blog"s juiciest, strangest short article is indeed had at the really end, and also I quote:

Ann was no mentally insane. She had a difficult childhood. Her personal life is not one because that me to share, yet I can and will say the she make me laugh...cry...scream and yell on a everyday basis! Beautiful love of gold however lost and lonely. She suster and also brother in regulation visited but not often. Facility relationship and not our to judge! Ann is missed...when ns left her as we were cell mates...I checked out a regime where I can not call her till my release...by then 9 months later on I was as well late
She was no insane...sad and troubled yet not insane. She loved she sister and also niece dearly and even looked up to her brothers in legislation dearly. Regrettably lots of people took advantage of her in there but she was smarter than them ...she was hard as hell and also stubborn too! She had actually health issues and also sometimes refused her medication. Ns pray she passed away peacefully!! Ann you are missed and thought the often...from your Angel!!

And that"s wherein I said, ok internet, you"ve done your job and done it well, thanks. Here, have actually a biscuit and also let"s walk to bed.