The 180-degree edge is a right angle as it forms a straight line. That is exactly fifty percent of the full angle (360-degree angle). If we talk about a real-life instance of a 180-degree angle, climate a perfect example is the angle in between the 2 hands of a clock in ~ 6 o'clock. The angle in between the 2 hands the the clock is 180° because it forms a straight line.

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1.What is 180 level Angle?
2.180 level Angle Name
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A 180-degree angle is a right angle and it is exactly half of a revolution. It is additionally called a half-circle angle. A straight angle is created by a right line. The 2 arms that the edge which are making 180-degree are simply opposite to each other from the usual vertex. A 180-degree edge modifies the direction that a point. 90-degree angle is half of 180-degree angle and also it is well-known as a appropriate angle. Look in ~ the image given listed below shows how a 180-degree edge looks.


In the over image, rays AO and also OB re-superstructure a common point O. AO and OB rays are opposite to every other. Ab is a directly line and forming an angle of 180 degrees.

180 degree Angle Name

An edge that actions 180 levels is called a straight angle. Anytime we construct a 180-degree angle, it constantly forms a right line, that is why that is known as a directly angle. Over there are different names for angles of various measurements. For example, fifty percent of a 180-degree angle, i.e a 90-degree edge is recognized as a best angle in geometry. Similarly, twin of 180 degrees, that is 360-degree edge is well-known as a finish angle. Angle that are less than 180 degrees are categorized as acute and also obtuse angles.

Two angles that together form 180 degrees are recognized as supplementary angles. While 2 or an ext angles combining with each other at a point on a line creating 180 degrees are well-known as straight pairs that angles.

How to attract 180 level Angle?

The 180-degree angle can be drawn with the aid of a protractor and compass.

Constructing 180-Degree Angle using a Protractor

Follow the provided steps to construct a 180-degree angle v the assist of a protractor:

Step 1: draw a ray OA.Step 2: location the protractor at allude O.Step 3: In the inside circle that the protractor, look because that 180° reading and also with a pencil note a dot and name the C.Step 4: sign up with O and C. Now, ∠AOC=180 degree angle.


Constructing 180-Degree Angle with a Compass

Follow the offered steps to construct a 180-degree angle through the assist of a compass.

Step 1: attract a straight line with help of a ruler and also name that AB.Step 2: note a allude O anywhere between A and B.Step 3: take O as a center point, draw an arc of any type of radius with help of a compass, the arc need to be indigenous the left of suggest O come the ideal of O, or vice-versa, emotional the heat AB.Step 4: The arc cut the straight line at two points. Note the cut as point out C and also D.Step 5: Thus, the angle COD is 180 levels angle.


Important Notes

A 180-degree angle have the right to be created with a protractor or a compass.

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