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though Amanda Wilkinson is a minor character in Because that Winn-Dixie , her relationship with Opal illustrates among the story’s most significant themes—that oftentimes, you should look beneath the surface to important understand an additional person. The leader is first introduced to Amanda in chapter 5, through Opal describing...

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Though Amanda Wilkinson is a minor character in Because of Winn-Dixie, her partnership with Opal illustrates among the story’s most prominent themes—that oftentimes, you must look beneath the surface to important understand one more person. The reader is very first introduced come Amanda in thing 5, through Opal describing her face as “always pinched up like she to be smelling something genuine bad.” Opal continues to describe Amanda together “pinch-faced,” and Amanda’s actions execute nothing to readjust Opal’s an unfavorable attitude toward her. Amanda frequently brags around her an abilities as one “advanced reader,” she provides snide remarks around whether or not dogs should be allowed in the library, and also she treats those approximately her very dismissively.

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As it turns out, Amanda’s unpleasant demeanor masks the pain and sorrow she feeling over losing her tiny brother, Carson, in a drowning accident. Opal extend an sell of friendship to Amanda by inviting her to the party at Gloria Dump’s house, even though she presume Amanda will certainly not desire to attend. As soon as Amanda arrives at the party, Opal watch a different side come Amanda. She is happy, polite, and also helpful, and Opal wants to call Amanda that she “understood about losing people.” She settles for merely being nice to her. Due to the fact that the party is made up of the civilization in Opal’s ar that she most cares for, Opal’s invitation shows Amanda that loneliness and pain perform not have to isolate people.