It look at to it is in a version 84 and in the condition it appears to be in, it ought to lug $175.00 come $200.00 USD in a private sale. In ~ a gun Shop or Pawn Shop figure about 65-75% the that.Hope this helps,kcbuck


Open the cylinder look at below ago of barrel that"s where the prize is it need to say m 88 or m88-2 ...... $249.00 is what i paid for mine used.but yours is in like new condition.

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I have actually a Rossi .38 distinct that looks similar to the OP"s, yet when ns look in ~ the bottom the the barrel, mine says M 68. Ns can"t discover info anywhere. Is there any type of info top top these? thanks in advance.


TrunkMonkey96: The model 68 to be imported in the duration 1978-1985.

It is a 5 shot, 2 or 3inch barrel, blue or nickel finish, flexible rear sight, stole frame, hardwood or rubber grips.

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Retail value for a total in good or much better condition would variety from $150 to $225 depending upon mechanical and also bore condition and remaining initial wood and also metal finish.

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